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Picnic Wedding Dresses - I DOs

Saying I DOs is the easy part of Second Life™ Weddings, Finding the right dress and theme is amongst the most tedious parts of planning your wedding. I saw it first hand when trying to aid a long time friend in finding a dress for her renewal, which left us frustrated with the lack of dresses and accessories designed just for weddings. I sorted after some dresses that are more up to date with today's trends and styles and found this beautiful two piece dress by Junbug that many would normally pass by and not look at it twice as a wedding dress

My amazing sister Leighton and I collaborated on styling these dresses to showcase how to find a dress made easy for the modern bride. 

The theme was set for a picnic wedding. I wore a more traditional colored wedding dress that was all white, ditching the bouquet for a basket that highlighted the picnic theme.

Leighton- a bit bold, wore a soft pink dress and added accessories that gave her an overall classic vintage look which works perfectly with the set theme.
Don't be afraid to try something out of the box for your wedding.

Be bold, Be classy, Be stylish
With much love
- Q

On Right - Quincy Robin//
Hair: Vida by Beusy
Outfit: Trudy Skirt, Trudy Top by Junbug
Shoes: Germany by Essenz
Headdress: Headwear - Winter Anemone by Lode
Basket: Spring Picnic Rattan Basket by Zenith

On left - Leighton Steely//
Hair: Athene by Beusy
Outfit: Trudy Skirt, Trudy Top by Junbug
Shoes: Karima Sandals by Gos
Hat: Melancholy by Lode 
Earrings: Pearl Rain Season 3 by Mandala
Necklace: Pearl Necklace by JuneJewels 
Flowers: Hand accessory Freesia, Hand accessory Muskare by Lode

Packing with Quincy Robin - Second Life™ Dubai

I haven't been on a Second Life™ vacation in ages! I was invited on a two day one night stay in Second Life™ Dubai. With the invitation came the question of, "What am I going to wear?!"  After thinking it over I selected and put together a few looks for my trip to Second Life™ Dubai. It wasn't easy but it was loads of fun picking out outfit after outfit and trying on shoes after shoes, a true woman's heaven!

In this recording, I want to share with you seven different looks for different occasions while in Second Life™ Dubai. Let me know which look is your favorite.
With much love,
- Q

Outfit 0//
Robe: Kate cover up by Erratic
Bra: Jasmine Top  by Nerido
Hair: Kasha hair by Little Bones
Necklace: Cara Necklace by Amala

Outfit 1//
Top: Open Back Lace Up Top by COCO
Skirt: Ipanema Skirt by Emery
Shoes: Snapdragon Shoes by Empire
Hair: Veiled Promise Hair by  Anachron
Glasses: Vice Sunglasses  by Yummy
Head Jewellery: Tensei headdress by Mandala
Ring: Siya hand-harness  by Zaara

Outfit 2//
Jumper: Valentina Lace Jumper by Addams
Shoes: Lavatera Shoes by Empire
Hair: Fabia hair by Little Bones
Hat: Marcia look-hat by M.Birdie
Glasses: Mailu Glasses by Zoom
Necklace: Corset Choker by Yummy
Bag: Huguette Bag by C'est la vie

Outfit 3//
Dress: Zoe Strap Dress by Jeune by Rowne
Vest: Lace Maxi Vest by COCO
Shoes: Street Glamour Heels by Vale Koer
Hair: Luna by Pr!tty
Bag: Julia bag by Mowie
Watch: Kotowari watch by Mandala

Outfit 4//
Swimsuit: The Kawaii Swimsuit  by Luas
Hair: Paprika Kah by Beusy
Shoes: Narcissus by Empire
Necklace: Dazzled Necklace by Reign
Glasses: Forella Glasses by Mulloy
Food Add-Ons: Summertime Drinks by Anya Ohmai for Knot & co.

Outfit 5//
Swimsuit: Heat Bikini by Cynful
Hair: Malibu by Love
Glasses: Giza Glasses by Mulloy
Necklace: Jerlise Necklace by Glam Affair
Food Add-Ons: Summer Time - Cup Heart by Empire

Outfit 6//
Dress: Hot Love dress is by Junbug
Shoes: Jacqueline Faux Crocodile Stiletto by Murray
Hair: Mondaze by Foxy
Earring: Hurrem Beryl Earring by ChicChica

Outfit 7//
Dress: Divine Dress by Addams
Blazer: Sinclair Blazer by David Heather
Shoes: Metallic Ankle Boot by Over High
Hair: Olympia by Little Bones

I also included the featured beautiful bedroom set. I had so much fun putting this space together and making it my own by making it appear as if I were to be packing for a real life vacation.

Bed: Hudson by The Loft
Pillows: LTD Bow Tie Cushion by Apple Fall, Soft & Subtle by The Loft, pillow pile by Revival
Side Table: Ramses Console by Fancy Decor
Lamps: Ceramic Lamp by Fancy Decor, Chidi Straw Lamp by The Loft, Capiz Chandelier by MudHoney
Mirror: Sorrel Mirror by Cheeky Pea
Rug: Honey Apple Rug by Mudhoney
Art: Plank Panels and Black Framed Fern by Fancy Decor
Floral Arrangements: Meadow Flowers by Apple Fall, Berries by Keke
Smaller decorative pieces:  Slumber Party Makeup Bag, Jolie - Perfume Collection, OOTD, Salad Days Passing Time, Striped Planner, Easy Listening and Ruffled Clutch by Tres Blah
Chidi Sculpture by The Loft, Baboon Egyptian God Statue by MeadowWorks, Clothers, Trolley bag black by Tentacio, Jewelry box by Dust Bunny

Midtown Robin

Quincy Robin between shopping and vlogging was spotted in midtown, stylishly in the new low back cut number by Lana and carrying a complementary mini red bag by M.Birdie.

Just a casual afternoon stroll
with love
- Q

The fashionable finds//

Dress: Gabi Dress by Lana
Bag: Marcia look bag by M.Birdie
Hair: The Audrey by Olive
Accessories: Glitz Shades by Yummy, Caitlyn Necklace by LaGyo

Mulloy's New Identity

It's a new day for Thomaz Mulloy, designer, and owner of Mulloy and Mulloy Casa.
Reworking his Second Life™ store brands to take on his new vision.
Thomaz welcomes a brand new store structure and new packing systems.
Eyewear will be available with four different lenses, four metal tones, and a wide variety of colors with new reflections and highlights.

I visited the Mulloy main location today and was able to navigate through the new layout, with the home goods at ground level and the stylish eyewear collection located just a flight below.
Let's not forget their sleek website that compliments their brand, Mulloy has added even more shine to their interior and exterior.

Just shy of their new identity announcement, Mulloy and Mulloy Caca present to the public their 50% off Memorial Day Sale that runs from May 29th through May 31st, 2017.

Their lavish furniture and sleek eyewear make it a sale you certainly don't want to miss!

With lots of  love
- Q

Sugar Rush

Everything sweet just for me. I have a love for food in real-life and I absolutely love food in Second Life™ Just the idea of 0 calories is a win for me but certainly not to stare at while on a real-life diet.

Here are some of the sweets and treats used in this image
and enjoy the sugar rush my Robins.
- Q

Icecream: Blooming Stacked Ice Cream by Black Bantam
Donuts: Unicorn donas, Love donas by Tentacio
Cups: Heart Cup by Tentacio
Flowers: Philadelphus Vase (mod) by Lode


Second Life™ artist always amazes me. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Kkw
Who created this wonderful portrait of my avatar. The quality in her artistry is very realistic in my opinion.

I was welcomed by Kkw at her beautiful city themed studio where she took several photos of my avatar. The overall feeling of my experience with Kkw was beyond relaxing. Her kindness throughout the process by checking in to assure I received and was happy with the outcome of my portrait was very refreshing.

Kkw got interested in the photography industry in 2012, approximately around the time she created her personal blog and wanted to improve her images.
As her work skills grew, her second life™ relatives and friends turn to her for their profile photos. With this came Kkw's interest in head shots, studying and focusing on one's face became more appealing than her styling editorial themed photography.


Looking on as her comrades took on clientele to build on their skills and portfolios, Kkw had fear of possible stress and avoided commission jobs for some time. In the middle of 2016, Kkw would have overcome that fear and opened her client list.

I like realism, there is an artist in Second Life™ called Nomak He used to post speed edits of his process that were very real ... I was crazy to know how he did that, so I started to sort after youtube tutorials on realism in digital art. There were a lot of videos for me to start understanding.
I'm still learning.....
Says Kkw

Kkw is a marketing college student in real life, uses Second Life™ photography as a hobby. Her return time on commissioned portraits is five days minimum and ten days maximum. You will also receive several sizes and versions of the same photo for more views and or highlights.

Click here for an example//

To book your appointment with Kkw, simply send a message to her a Flickr mail.

With much love
- Q

Abstract Vibrance

Over my years in Second Life™ some of my friends and family has asked me to help with the setting up of spaces in their homes. Today I want to share with you all some tricks I use from time to time while setting up a living space.

I have created a simple and small living space, using some pieces I recently found at events or just surfing creators Flickr streams.


With this abstract yet vibrant room, we will go through the process step by step in my vlog decorating recording.

Using some modification tricks, you too can achieve this space or create something truly amazing of your own.

- Q

Here are some of the pieces I used while creating this space,

Structure: Repurposed Barn House by 22769
Doors: Barn door slider by Brocante 
Wall Panel: Simple Wall Panel by Fancy Decor
Sofa: Beckett Settee by The Loft & Aria
Chairs: Rattan Woven Chair by Soy, Peplum Pillow Lounger by Sayo
Benches: Harlow Bench by Balaclava, Davis Bench by Fancy Decor
Lamp:  Beckett Lamp by The Loft & Aria, Rose Neon Lamp by Soy, glass lamp by Keke
Cabinets: Crawford Cabinet by Fancy Decor,  Layla Cabinet by MudHoney
Plants: Wall Hanging Plant, House Plant by What Next, Serendipity Potted Monstera Deliciosa by Aria, Verne Eucalyptus Vase by The Loft, Roses by Scandalize
Tables: Odeletta Side Table, Troubadour Geometric Table by The Loft & Aria
Rug: Dahlia's Rug by Kalopsia
Paintings & Wall Accessories:  Framed poster kh rework by High V, Hand Carved Zebra Mask by Apple Fall, Beckett Mirror by The Loft & Aria, Marbled Art by Fancy Decor
Smaller decorative pieces: Poenies Gift Box by Ariskea, Catch all bowl by The Loft, Travel Planning by Merak, Verne Onyx Horn by The Loft, spring flower by Keke, Lucite Candlestick by Fancy Decor, Leather Moccasins by Apple Fall
Pet: Jack Russel Terrier by Jian

Keyboard Hot Keys//

Ctrl-L Link together
Shift-Ctrl-L Unlink
Shift (Hold) Drag To make copies of an already rezzed copiable item


It always amazes me as to how one can use Second Life™ as an artistic outlet. I enjoy viewing others artistic work within Second Life™. More and more artist are using Flickr as a way to showcase their contribution to Second Life's artistic world.

Lana Moon is one of many artist that I have stumbled upon while viewing Second Life™ resident's art and photography on Flickr.

Lana, a photographer, 3D designer, and graphic designer is a truly unique artist whom I had the pleasure of meeting. I was astonished as she created a one of a kind modeled representation of my avatar.

Her process of creating such art will first start with a small photo shoot of your avatar. These images from the photo shoot are used as references to aid with the modeling process within Zbrush; a well-known modeling software. Using a standard model; Lana is able to combine your avatar's measurements, such as your avatar's face and body type. The textures are then created in Photoshop and placed in Blender for the final render.
The return time on receiving your completed image is a minimum of four days to the maximum of two weeks for the first time clients.
The turnover time when modeling with Lana for the second and other times moving forward is even shorter since she will already have a model of your avatar at hand.

I asked Lana what made her start a business in Second Life™ and to my surprise, she revealed that it would be a great way to practice what she is studying in real life and expressed how great it is that Second Life™ is actually helping her to be better at what she wants to accomplish.

Lana hopes to open another business vendor within Second Life™  creating clothing, skins, and cosmetics. Surely, in my opinion, something to look forward to.

I think Second Life™ is growing very fast! the photographers are advancing more and more and are very good at it, but my process is something that no one can do the same as I, nobody can model like me because they are all made by me. I do the photoshoot for reference and after that, I recreate the client so that too is different from others. Says LanaM00N.

If you are interested in working with Lana, on some amazing one of a kind model image of your avatar or even vendor advertisements, you can contact her by email Lana at lanamooncontact@gmail.com