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An old fashion office for the old fashion soul. 
My love for timeless pieces has grown tremendously this season. 
I imagined life in an old English office. 
Second Life™ is the right platform for me to collect and create sets that tell a story.

Create your own personal story
with love
Decor Finds:
Minimal Sorcerer Office available at the Collabor88 event- October 2018 round, 
Apple Fall Original Artwork Pine Cone Study, Cone Flower Study, and Crocosmia Study available at the Fameshed event - October 2018 round,

Apple Fall Apple Sprig with Branch modified with Fancy Decor Prescott Basket,
Loft and Aria Hamil Tree Sculpture Brass, Loft and Aria Hamil Mustang Table,
Fancy Decor Wendla Lamp, Fancy Decor Prescott Side Table, Fancy Decor Prescott Vase with Branches, Fancy Decor Prescott Honey Jug, Aria Bella Mini Chandelier, Nutmeg Romanov's Ebony Dresser, Apple Fall Whisky Decanter, Apple Fall Wine Glasses, Apple Fall Antler Candlesticks, Apple Fall Woodland Deer, Fancy Decor Cloche Clock, Fancy Decor Miles Slippers, 
Trompe Loeil Dyani Park Ranger Chair,  Fancy Decor Blythe Pitcher and Water Glass, 
Ariskea Emi Tulip Blooming, MeadowWorks Damage Plaster Head 19c,
Dust Bunny fiddle leaf tree modified with Apple Fall Hydrangea Bunch, 
Hive kentia palm plant modified with Dust Bunny dwarf fruit trees cherry tree



Tempory silliness

Fashionable Finds:
Hair: Navy and Copper Waffle available at the Hair Fair 2018
Dress Suit: Lana The Spencer Suit Dress

Necklace: Eclat Rhinestone Choker


Inner Demon

You bring out the demon in me ...
Fashionable Finds:
Hair: Foxy Fallen available at the Salem event
Top and Bottoms: Mossu Angelic Bra and Angelic Panties

Decor Finds:
Chair: Nutmeg Accent Gilt  Chair
Lights: Apple Fall Atelier Pendant Lamp
Backdrop: Minimal Sequoia Room available at the Collabor88 event September 2018 round


Classic Romance

Creating this room that told a story about passion right out of a classic black and white romance movie --
The type a girl can only dream of. 

Apple Fall Anashara dining pieces was my inspiration for this setting alongside a painting I purchased to retexture the walls of the Onsu Walnut skybox.

Each piece was carefully selected to enhance the room, from their warm tones and rustic feel.

Anything that was once a dream can always be obtained.
with love 

Decor Finds:

Apple Fall Anashara Dining Chair for FaMESHed Go, Apple Fall Autumn Place Setting, Apple Fall Apples w/ Ornamental Stand modified with Apple Fall Reaching Plant, Apple Fall Pinecones and Hazelnuts, Apple Fall Bronze Leaf Apple Branches modified

Onsu Walnut Skybox modified

Apple Fall Antique Coffee Table,  Apple Fall Designer Hat Box, Apple Fall  Gilt Frame Portrait, Apple Fall China Cabinet,  Apple Fall Althea Rug Antique, Nomad Amore Chandelier, Nutmeg Vintage Tabletop Wreath Off-White, Nutmeg Brass Candlestick, Nutmeg Old Suitcases Green, Nutmeg Romanov's Golden Dresser, Nutmeg Antique Table Lamp, Dust bunny welcome mat home modified,  Dust bunny wanderlust upcycled typewriter, Dust bunny botanical tote,
Aria and The Loft Portico Bench Black, Half-Deer Neatly Folded Blankets, Fancy Decor Handel Portrait, Fancy Decor Model Ship, Vespertine parlour palm, Jian Barn Owl Table Perch,
Zerkalo Z-tease Staircase, Keke tea table 


Twinkle Twinkle

Star watching with friends can be a wonderful way to relax one's mind. I was inspired by the Lark Sleeping Bag by MudHoney to create a relaxing space. I dreamt up camping out and watching shooting stars with my friends, a perfect end to the summer and wonderful start to the fall. 

"There it is! a shooting star, make a wish..." 

Happy autumn to all my readers 
with love

Decor Finds:

MudHoney Lark Sleeping Bag available at the Ultra Event until October 10, 2018
MudHoney Lark Cooler, MudHoney Lark Tin Coffee Pot, MudHoney Lark Tin Cups

Omen Spring Daisies Truck, Apple Fall Cushions, Apple Fall Buttery Popcorn, Apple Fall Pine Cone Garland, Apple Fall Pyracantha Berries in Glazed Pot modified,  Half-Deer Blanket Clutter, Wednesday + Always Map,  Benjaminz Huter's Binoculars, Dust bunny Tabletop plants sword leaf, Dust bunny Tabletop plants Monstera leaves modified with Apple Fall Preserved Poppies, Dust bunny  Storybook living Researcher's journal, Dust bunny Woodland Dreams Macrame art, Soy Retro Electronic Heater,  Zerkalo My Boyfriend's Attic Flyswatter, Le Primitif Hanging Hat Boater, Hive dark boho string lights angled


Another Day

One day at a time.

Fashionably Finds//

Hair: Foxy Virgo at the Kustom9 event September 2018 round
Top: Villena Sheer Tube Top - Black
Jacket: Ison evening shoulder jacket
Pants: Coco Side Stripe Trousers

Earrings: Fashionism Marlen Earrings


Farewell Summer

Farewell sun kisses and cold glasses of lemonade.
I will not forget the days and hours we shared.
Joy and or sorrow, you will always have a place in my heart.
Farewell summer, for now.

Landscaping Grabs:
Apple Fall Hartley Fencing available at the FaMESHed event September 2018 round
Vespertine garden pebble pathway
Trees and plants: Apple Fall Privet Bal, Alirium ItchyGrass, Apple Fall Hydrangea Bunch,
Little Branch Weeping Honey Tree, Alirium Dwarf Forest, Little Branch Bradford,
Dust Bunny  hanging flower pot (modified)

Decor Finds:
Apple Fall Country Table
Tres Blah Spring Living Chair
Dust Bunny tabletop plants fiddle leaf branch
Nutmeg Cloth White
Nutmeg Plates with Vintage Spoons and Forks
Nutmeg Milker
Nutmeg Bike White and Stickers


Dear Diary

Dear diary,

I let my Souffle hair down to dance with the wind.
I closed my eyes and I saw everything.
I exhaled and found myself alive again.

Oh, dear diary...

Fashionable Finds//
Hair: Souffle by Navy and Copper 
Top: Felicity by Blueberry
Bottoms: Tinker Set Panties by Blueberry