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It always amazes me as to how one can use Second Life™ as an artistic outlet. I enjoy viewing others artistic work within Second Life™. More and more artist are using Flickr as a way to showcase their contribution to Second Life's artistic world.

Lana Moon is one of many artist that I have stumbled upon while viewing Second Life™ resident's art and photography on Flickr.

Lana, a photographer, 3D designer, and graphic designer is a truly unique artist whom I had the pleasure of meeting. I was astonished as she created a one of a kind modeled representation of my avatar.


Her process of creating such art will first start with a small photo shoot of your avatar. These images from the photo shoot are used as references to aid with the modeling process within Zbrush; a well-known modeling software. Using a standard model; Lana is able to combine your avatar's measurements, such as your avatar's face and body type. The textures are then created in Photoshop and placed in Blender for the final render.
The return time on receiving your completed image is a minimum of four days to the maximum of two weeks for the first time clients.
The turnover time when modeling with Lana for the second and other times moving forward is even shorter since she will already have a model of your avatar at hand.

I asked Lana what made her start a business in Second Life™ and to my surprise, she revealed that it would be a great way to practice what she is studying in real life and expressed how great it is that Second Life™ is actually helping her to be better at what she wants to accomplish.

Lana hopes to open another business vendor within Second Life™  creating clothing, skins, and cosmetics. Surely, in my opinion, something to look forward to.

I think Second Life™ is growing very fast! the photographers are advancing more and more and are very good at it, but my process is something that no one can do the same as I, nobody can model like me because they are all made by me. I do the photoshoot for reference and after that, I recreate the client so that too is different from others. Says LanaM00N.

If you are interested in working with Lana, on some amazing one of a kind model image of your avatar or even vendor advertisements, you can contact her by email Lana at lanamooncontact@gmail.com 

Lowen Door's are Open!


Lowen has re-model its main store with a chic touch. Congratulation to Lowen Owner Gwen Aloix, for keeping her store's shoppers on their toes with the welcoming of its open doors.
Shoppers are sure to get lost in her lavish fashionable designs.


Gwen also the owner of New Faces, founded and creating Lowen as her second store in the earlier parts of 2015. Her taste for fashion was showcased within her fashion blog posting, making her designs more than trustworthy. Impeccable original mesh and texturing details, Lowen sits amongst the stars as it is a well-known household name and can be found in almost every avatar's inventory.

With much applause, we celebrate its opening. Be sure to visit Lowen at its new home.

Welcoming Mowie In-World

First presenting their amazing take on modern fashion and accessories in the beginning of 2016. Today Mowie has hit the grid hard with their new in-world store. With a warm welcoming and congratulation to its owner Bubuzinha Luv.


I first spotted Mowie while surfing Flickr, where I came across their Flickr stream. I saw their amazing bags and my heart stop just for a second. In my opinion; handbags have been lacking in Second Life ™ over the last few years. Seeing such detail, beauty and original mesh all in one place had me in awe. Mowie also offers sunglasses, hat, shoes and more.

Bubuzinha creative mind is exploding within every corner of her in-world store. From it's well thought out floor plan that allows easy access to her items without the headache of searching in a maze, to its minimal decor that does not overpower the products showcasing.

But let's not stop there, Mowie is offering an opening sale of 40% off until May 14, 2017. So don't miss it and visit the new home of Mowie.

Green and Gold Spring Awakens for Him & Her

While at the Collabor88 Event, April 2017 round I found myself inspired by the green velvet texture armchair on display by Kalopsia and the gold pieces provided by Glam Affair, The Loft and Aria.


As many may know, Gold is one of my favorite colors and pairing it with green tones puts one into the feeling of early spring. Balancing it with darker tones allows it to be fitting for a masculine living area. 

By adding the crystals to the lamp and a teacup on the side table; which gives it a feminine touch as well, makes it the perfect environment for him and her. 

- Q 

 Here are some of the pieces that were used in this arrangement.

Chair: Blossom's Armchair by Kalopsia
Stool: Aden Bench by The Loft
Sofa: Fashion Couch by Apple Fall on Marketplace
Tables: Chelsea Console by MudHoney , Birdy SideTable by Glam Affair Home 
Painting: Boring by Apple Fall
Smaller Decor: Vases Tray, Leather Bag by MudHoney

Hudson Vase Brass, Lainey Vase With Peonies by The Loft & Aria
Lemon Tea by Apple Fall 
Lamp: Hudson Lamp by The Loft - (Mod with )- Joanne Crystal Lamp by Apple Fall 
Rugs: Priya Rug, Saffron Rug by MudHoney 
Structure: Forever Yours by Haikei