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GRWM- Relaxing at the Beach

Get ready with me for an evening on the beach with friends.
Finding the right makeup for my Lelutka head, the outfit, and the accessories to complement.

Enjoy every bit of this season in style.

Fashional Finds//

Before Look
Hair: Eclipse by Little Bone
Top: Akari Tank by Pseudo
Pants: Tova Boyfriend Jean by Pixicat

Final Look
Hair: Avela by Stealthic
Dress: Chloe by Evie
Shoes: Spain by Essenz at Vanity event until June 25, 2018


Eyeshadow: Gina by Belleza
Eyelashes: Meredith Lashes by Michan
Lipstick: Dream Lipsticks Palette by Navzar on the marketplace

Necklace: Sleek Cuba Necklace by LaGyo
Shoulder bag: Anapos Wood Bag by LaGyo


Looking on

Looking on as the sun set and rise.

Fashionable Finds//
Hair: Hyerin by Monso
Dress: Lamara  Long Sleeve Mini Dress by DarkFire

Eyewear: Fontan Glasses by Mulloy
Nail Varnish: Double Agent Nails Gloss by Veechi

Decor Finds//
Chair: Jansen Wing Chair by Fancy Decor
Books: Jansen Art Books by Fancy Decor
Plant: Potted dragon tree by Dust Bunny
Flowers: Spring tulips by Naked
Rug: Braided rug by Dust Bunny



As summer brings us a brand new day with a brand new heat wave, know that its a chance for us to live , make mistakes, and love all over again. 

Fashionable Finds//
Hair: My Hair - Miyeon by Monso
Top and Shorts: Jane by Evie at the Vanity Event

Earring: Marlen Earrings by Fashionism on Marketplace

Decor Finds//
Fan by Oyasumi on Marketplace


The Smell of Spring

Spring is finally here!

Fashionable Finds//
Hair: Lamb by Foxy
Top: Akari Tank by Pseudo

Decor Finds//
Plant: Pyracantha Berries in Glazed Pot by Apple Fall  (Modified)



I really enjoyed putting together these warm tones. This set took on a life of its own. 
Each piece complements the other perfectly without overpowering each other.

Decor Finds//

Table: Dean Table by MudHoney Full set available at the N21 event Until June 11, 2018, 
The Loft  - Tennyson Sideboard by Loft & Aria
Chair: Dean Chair by MudHoney
Rug: Dean Rug by MudHoney
Light fixtures: Dean Lights by MudHoney, Claw Lamp by Fancy Decor
Drapes: Knotted Hanging Cloth by Soy
Plants: Distressed clay vase by Nutmeg x Silverleaf Glass Vase by Tia (Modified), Green plants with a coiled vase by Soy, Lily of the Valley by Lode x Kate's Bowl w/White Napkins by Nutmeg (Modified)
Arts:  Eye by Media City,  Roma Beaded Decor Dark by Loft & Aria
Books: Storybook living book by Dust Bunny, Paris - Books by Bazar, Books by Apple Fall
Extra: Neatly Folded Blankets by Half Deer, Porcelain Milk Pot, Plates and Spoons, Kate's Little Cups, Vintage Coffee Pot by NutmegNeva's Laundry Basket, Ceramic Chubby Squirrel, Red Teacloth by Apple Fall, Jug by Loft & Aria, Norton Vase, Wooden Box, Serpentine Candlestick by Fancy Decor


Heels Off

Kicking off my heels is one of the most amazing feelings after a long day. 
Wiggling each toe as I set them free. 

Fashionable Finds//
Hair: Corey by Yuth
Dress: Queen Cover-Up by Jourda on the marketplace
Shoes: Belem by Essenz at the Ultra event until June 8, 2018

Headband:  Helene Tiara by Addams
Bracelet: Kadance by Vexiin


So Many

Flipping through the pages finding all the great things designers put forth this season.  So many and so many ideas ahead. 

Fashionable Finds//
Hair: Britney by Doux
Dress: 90's Silk Dress by Pseudo
Shoes: Essenz - Maracaibo by Essenz at FaMESHed Event until May 27th

Glasses: Macopo by Mulloy at the TresChic Event


Summer View

I really enjoy the window view of my backyard. It reminds me of the summer that is upon us and along with its rising temperature.  I wonder what this summer has in store for us, I can barely hide my excitement. So many things to do and so many places to see for this summer of 2018.

Fashionable Finds//
Hair: My Hair - Ruli by Monso
Top: LongSleeve Wool Top by Lowen on the marketplace
Pants: Legging by Empire at the Kustom9 event