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There is a lot of things in life that is rushed and not done to perfection. In Second Life™ I am patient with each and everything I do while enjoying the growth of my craft. 

Today I took the time to treat myself with a little bit of self-care. Dressed in my Gloria playsuit and Monaco heels. 

Who said being patience couldn't be stylish.

with so much love.

Fashionable Finds//
Hair: Poison by Little Bones
Suit: Gloria Playsuit by Pseudo
Heels: Monaco by Essenz at the Dubai Event until August 10, 2018

Necklace: Choker by Sintiklia on Marketplace


Chocolate Sun

Today while adventuring outdoors I took a moment to enjoy the sun and its rays that shined down on my chocolate skin. Staying cool in this off the shoulder dress and its beautiful hunter tone. With my hair pulled up into two buns styled by Foxy, I am ready to take on the rest of my day.
I hope all are enjoying their day indoors or outdoors.

with love 
Fashionable Finds//
Hair: Yuma by Foxy at the Epiphany event (Heat Wave Gacha)
Dress: Selena Cruise Dress by Seul

Head Jewel: Shairi maang-tikka by Zaara
Necklace: Shair i necklace by Zaara
Sunglasses: Neo Sunglasses by Foxy at the Epiphany event (Heat Wave Gacha)
Bag: Andreja Bag by Mowie on Marketplace



Finding a bit of peace in Second Life™ outside the real-life noise and from those that are projecting their emotions into this virtual world can sometimes be a task. Taking a moment to yourself also has a positive effect on your virtual day, but of course, it's also my time to play dress up. Today I wanted to relax my soul with a visual of innocence and vintage. I really adore my hairstyle by Navy and Cooper that set the tone to it all. Its soft side swoops and its loose bun is precious to me. With using the soft skin tone on my dress I was able to pair it with these platform shoes by Essenz. With straps that mirror soft/ light fabric, adds the delicate touches my mood desired.

What mood is your soul in today?

Fashionable Fins//
Hair: Cheesecake by Navy+Copper 
Dress: Rainy Day Dress by Fashionably Dead
Shoes: Cuzco by Essenz at the FaMeshed event until July 27th


The Big Move

Your home should reflect your style, but what happens when sharing with another. Compromising is a big part of it all. I am finding this as my girlfriend and I make this big move together.

 What goes where, what chairs or rugs to select, and the list goes on and on.

 I found it easier if you find a place in the house that is just for you and will mirror your style. Have a discussion about what you both visualize for the shared spaces to look like and shop together when looking for pieces for it.


But most importantly share in the decorating process of the house and leave your own special touches that make it a home for you both.

Time unpack,
home tour coming soon
with lots of love

Decor Finds//
Seating: Covered couch by Hive, Covered chair with vinyl by Soy
Ottoman: Lita Ottoman by MudHoney at the FaMeshed event until July 28th
Boxes and Dolly: Pile of boxes, Moving dolly with boxes, Worn dolly  by Hive, Where you've been by Haikei
Plants: Succulent terrarium by Vespertine, Coming Home by Haikei, Potted sago palm by Dust Bunny
Lights: Wanna Love You by Haikei
Animals: Scruffy Shepherds Laundry Pups by Jian
Art: Solace Frames by Aria, Kinkitsh Manekin by Maison Close, B&W Art by Fancy Decor
Extra: Gray wall pence house, Gave Your Love Away, Leisurely Room by Haikei, Pheasant Feathers, Argentinian Malbec by Apple Fall, Garden Tray, Transistor Radio by Seven Emporium, Wine Glasses by Fancy Decor

Fashionable Finds//
Quincy's attire//

Hair: Oceana by Foxy
Top: TETRA - Mokatana top by Tetra x Ison
Jeans: Sarah Laced Up Jeans by Rebel Gal
Shoes: Bow Slides by Vale Koer

Earring: Alexa Hoops by Vexiin

Eyeshadow: Electro Liner by Veechi

Shai's attire//

Hair: Oak by Yuth
Shorts: Indigo High Waisted Shorts by Addams
Shoes: Flip Flops by Reign

LookBooksSL// HomesSL//

Summer Research

As the weekend rolls in I figured I would spend something on researching Second Life™ tools and refine my art within this world, and enjoy the sunny summer day in my own backyard.
In a cool swimsuit by Evie and Heels by Empire adding a bit of sexy to my casual day. 
There are so many corners to get lost in creatively, who knows where my researching will take me today. Whatever the summer adventure, I would be ready and dressed for the part.

Enjoy your day my loves
Don't forget a cool drink of ice tea
with love
Fashionable Finds//
Hair: Unati by Doux
Swimsuit: Kelly by Evie at the Equal10 event
Shoes: Mazus by Empire at the N21 event

Earring: Allure by ChicChica

Decor Finds//
Chair and Pillow: Zig chair by Hive, Fulwood Sofa by Apple Fall (Modified)
Plant: Pink caladium plant by Hive
Extra: Storyteller's Burrow - Book - Story time by 8f8,  July Poppy Bouquet by Lode


4018 Days

It's my Eleventh Rezday in Second Life! It is hard to believe that I have been a part of this community for so many years and look forward to the many more to come. Turning eleven means to me all the trials and errors, love lost and found, all the joy and heartaches, but most importantly the life lessons I have learned from, some of which I apply to my day to day real life.

This year marks one year since I took a risk and started my lifestyle blog and youtube channel. Something I was a bit too shy to do over the years. It has exposed me to so many different walks of life, some good and bad but none of which prevented me from following the path in which I set out on to achieve freedom of creative expression.

This year also marks one year of building strong standing relationships with friends and family. I am not one to have big lavish circles but those that are close to me I am utterly thankful for. I look forward to a lifetime on the grid with those I hold dear to my heart.

With all this said, Happy Rezday to me! And to those that have a pass or upcoming rezdays. Make every day an adventure and a new discovery. Be kind and ruthless. Smile and cry with each day of growth and love in Second Life.

With so much Love!

Decor Finds//
Dounts: Donut letters by Dust Bunny
Teacups: Elvira Rose Tea and Teacup Pearls by Apple Fall
Florals: Matthiola Bouquet, Hibiscus Babybreath Wreath, Hibiscus Babybreath Crown, Phlox in Jar (modified) by Lode
Bowls: Dough bowl and Unwhisked eggs by Hive
Extras: Silver forks and Silver spoons by Keke, Loose Heart String w/ Scissors by Apple Fall, Classic confetti by Vespertine



Yet another hot summer day! mother earth is really playing with my feelings but then again there is always the beach!

Cooling off at the beachside in this beautifully created sia shorts and top and shading my eyes from the harsh sunrays with sphiro glasses. Enjoying another relaxing day with the cool beach breezes through my foudue hairstyle.

 This Second Life™ Day
with love

Fashionable Finds//
Hair:  Fondue by Navy and Copper
Top & Shorts: Sia Outfit by Evie

Eyewear: Sphiro Glasses by Mulloy

Decor Finds//
Hummock: Lace Woven Hummock by Soy
Drink:  Summertime Drinks for Knot&co. by Anya Ohmai



Lately, this has been my mood. Allowing my soul to run free and enjoying its flaws. Today I wanted to enjoy an early morning stroll on the beach and watch the sunrise, take in the smell of the salted water and fall in love with the rhythm of the waves caressing the sand.
Freeing yourself of yesterday with each sunrise.
with love

Fashionable Find//
Hair:  Hairplay - Front Blow by Tableau Vivant
Top:  Jiali Net Top by Jeune by Rowne
Bikini: Harley Bikini by Jeune by Rowne

Earrings: Vice Hoops by Yummy