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Happy Valentine's day my loves

The Look
Hair: Foxy Darling available at the Kustom9 event
Dress: Pixicat Slip Dress

Eyeshadow: Aurealis Beauty Noir Eyeshadow
Lipstick: Poise Bombshell Lipstick


St. Valentine's Day Outfits x Giveaway

Hey Love,

St. Valentine's day is here again. With each year more people are shying away from the famous red fabrics worn on this special day.
I put together four outfits that are perfect for your Valentine's day dates or just socializing out on the gird.

Join in on the socializing fun and enter to win a chance for you and a guest to take part in an interactive wine tasting class at Havana. 
The details on how to join are announced in this recording above. 
Winners will be announced on Wednesday 13, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day

The Looks
Intro and Exit
Hair: Monso Hyerin
Top: Osmia Nora Blouse
Jeans: Osmia Nora Skinny Jeans

Look 1
Hair: Lamb Garden
Dress: Fashionably Dead Daydreamer Dress Sheer
Underwear: Blueberry Tinker Set
Shoes: Essenz Italy

Necklace: E.marie Luna Necklace
Bag: Zenith Rattan column bag

Makeup - Genus
Eyeshadow: itGirls Drip Drip Eyeshadows
Lipstick: Poise Bombshell Lipstick

Look 2
Hair: Sintiklia Lake
Blazer: Coco Jacket Over Shoulders
Dress: Tres Blah Halter Dress
Shoes: Gos Cupid Pumps

Earrings: Kibitz Heart pearly diamonds

Makeup - Genus
Eyeshadow: Veechi Golden Enchanted Shadow
Lipstick: Aurealis Beauty Lumiere Gloss

Look 3
Hair: Stealthic Fleeting
Dress: Ison velvet crush dress
Shoes: Ryvolter Selena Crystal Heels

Necklace: November Caged Corazon
Bag: Mowie Lase Mini Bag

Makeup - Genus
Eyeshadow: Veechi Sunset Pulse Shadow
Lipstick: Poise Bombshell Lipstick

Look 4
Hair: Navy and Copper Ivy
Top: Coco Off Shoulder Crop Top
Pants: Pixicat Classy Pants
Shoes: Essenz San Diego

Necklace: Kibitz So loving necklace
Bag: Mowie Lexa Bag

Makeup - Genus
Eyeshadow: Aurealis Beauty Noir Eyeshadow
Lipstick: Poise Bombshell Lipstick

Lace, Diamonds and Fur

No matter what a girl never gets tired of her
lace, diamonds, and fur

The Look

Hair: Doux Moonspell available at the Belle event
Lingerie: Miss Chelsea Saga
Fur: Villena Pelted Fur Jacket

Earrings: Tokki x Miwa's Bae Earring
Necklace: Mossu Queen Choker

Plants: Dust Bunny potted dragon tree, hanging plants cheese plant
Art: Apple Fall Gilt Frame
Backdrop: Minimal Paris Views Scene available at the Uber event


January Favorites '19

Hello Love,

This year has proven to have much more promising unique creations added to the grid that I am absolutely excited about!

I have truly enjoy a lot of things content creators created for us this month,
However here are my top picks.

Join me for a review of my faves from January 2019.

Every little thing that we purchase adds quality to our Second Life lifestyle and how we create the world around us.

Lamb Lilac
Foxy Cuddle available at the kustom9 event

Aurealis Beauty Fame Lipstick
itGirls Stargirl Eyeshadows

Aurealis Jewellery Promesa Earrings
`M.Birdie moos look bags

Osmia Laurie High-Waisted Jeans
Osmia Evelyn.Jumpsuit

Essenz Montreal
Coco Stretch Sock Boots

Dining space
Fancy Decor Thorne Collection available at the Soiree event
Boxes, Lamp, and Console

Mithral Raven ZZ Plant
Apple Fall Dots Art, Apple Fall Juliette Teapot, Apple Fall Juliette Tea Cups Stacked, Apple Fall Juliette Tea Cup, Honey & Lemon Tea
The Loft and Aria  Jabode Laser Cut decor 1 and 2, Marion Side Table, Tennyson Fruit Bowl, Morgan Chandelier, Aria Story Candle Stick, Story Vase With Gypsophilas
Trompe Loeil Kelsin Papasan

Office space
MudHoney Adrian Office is available at the FaMESHed X event
Desk, Office Chair, Computer, Desk Plaque, Files

Junk log bucket, Junk balance scales, Junk calipers and papers
Vespertine sketchbooks and magz, Vespertine Jade plant,
The Loft Morgan Deco Box, Aria Anemone Bud Vase
The Loft Hudson Vase Brass modified with Soy DarK Purple Berries
Soy Shag Shag Stool, Apple Fall Cushion


Casual Drink

Ending my weekend with a casual drink. 
Cheers to the week gone and the to the week ahead.

The look:
Hair: Navy and Copper  Genna available at the Shiny Shabby event
Shirt: Pseudo 90's Silk Shirt
Dress: The Oak Catherine Silk Dress

Minimal Frida available at the Epiphany events


In my Town

The Look
Hair: Foxy Cuddle available at the kustom9 event
Hoodie: Rebel Gal Cuddle Hoodie
Coat: Ryvolter Mix Monster Rabbit Coat
Bottoms: Coco High Waist Color Jeans
Shoes: Coco Stretch Sock Boots

Backdrop: Minimal soho build


Sex In Second Life + My First Time and More

Hey Robins,

The Birds and the Bees of the virtual world of Second Life™
Adult roleplay is a part of many SLers life, but there is next to no information on how to go about fulfilling your fantasies safely.

Chit-chat with me about my first time and how I improved my adult roleplay, tips on how to get started, and more.

Creating a beautiful intimate space can add to your adult roleplaying with relaxing touches

Remember, the choice is always yours
with love

Adult Attachments and Roleplay Huds

Female Attachment (upper cavity) compatible with all mesh bodies
Female Attachment (lower cavity) compatible with Maitreya body Only
Female Attachment (lower cavity) compatible with all mesh bodies
Female Attachment (lower cavity pubic) compatible with all mesh bodies
Male Attachments compatible with all mesh bodies
Sexual Roleplay Hud compatible with all mesh bodies

The Look

Hair: Lamb Wildflower
Top: Seul Cassandra Top
Bottoms: Blueberry Evie Jeans


Fancy Decor Roulin Bed, Roulin Dresser, Roulin Candlesticks,
Roulin Canvases available at the Collabor88 event
Vespertine wire plant stand, peace lily plant, wood round plant caddy, wooden african table, blossom cotton hanging basket, oversized maranta plant
Loft and Aria Dixie Flower Pitcher, Dixie Marble Hearts, Dixie Mirror,
The Loft Hallsey Table Lamp, Inara Lamp, Max Lamp,
The Loft Napa Entryway Orchid, Aria Olympia Vase With Gypsophila,  Aria Sawyer Chandelier
Pewpew Cactus Bloom Planter, Apple Fall Blossom Wreath, Apple Fall Cushion,
Apple Fall Leather Strapped Trunk, Apple Fall Designer Hat Box, Apple Fall Cat Print,
Ariskea Old Books, Ariskea Pouf Beige, Ariskea Purple Acrylic  Painting, Ariskea Vintage Mannequin,
Dust bunny wool zag rug, Dust bunny room divider,
Pilot Burlap Pillow Bag, Trompe Loeil Sophie Chair,
Minimal Noble Skybox available at the Collabor88 event

Wild and the City

Feeling a little catty

The Look
Hair: Navy and Copper Doe available at Uber until January 22nd
Body Suit: Rosary Ellie
Jacket: Pseudo Minthe Blazer

Earrings: Rhude Tia Earring
Bag: `M.Birdie Merry look

Lipstick (Genus): Aurealis Beauty Escapist Lip Gloss