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With Confidence

I washed away my sins last night and looked, I paused a moment and looked,
I looked me in the mirror
Felt the pain of the past wasted time on my refected aged skin
from the love-like stress
and said to myself ...

Never again,
Would this Queen 
Ever kiss another toad.
With Confidence

Decor Finds//
Sink: Victoria Washstand by Apple Fall
Mirror: Copper Leaf Mirror by Apple Fall
Mugs: Antique Baby Cups by Nutmeg

Bath Brushes in Milk Glass Jar by Apple Fall, Natural Sea Sponges in Cloche by Apple Fall, Handmade Soap by Nutmeg, Coral Lid Jar w/ Bath Bombs by Apple Fall, Mix lavender scented towels and Jars by Vespertine, Bathroom Lotions by Apple Fall

Art on mirror//
Wall memories by Keke

Wall Sconce by Nutmeg

Frogs: The Witching Hour - Witch's Familiar by MadPea
Wizarding Puertorican Toad // currently unavailable for purchase
Dragonflies: Even dragonflies dream by Keke

Sacred lotus by Keke

Standing Still

For a moment...when time stands still,
Inhale the air around you.
Enjoy the softness of it on your skin.
Take a moment, just at least one moment and live.

I don't want to fight you...
I just want to live
with love
Fashionable Finds//
Hair: Fabia by Little Bones
Dress:  Penelope laced up dress by Reign
Jacket: Pelted Fur Jacket by Villena

Necklace: Lace Corset Choker by Foxy
Nail varnish: Dark Mirror Pigment Nails by Veechi

Lashes: Vintage Lashes by Mila 
Eyebrows: Hepburn Brow by WarPaint
Eyeshadow: Christmas Collection by Studio Exposure
Lipstick: Faded Lips by Dazed

Decor Finds//
Structure: Harry Pottering Shed by Scarlet Creative
Lader: Fall Antique Ladders w/ Heart String by Apple Fall 
Lamp: Oil Lantern by Apple Fall 

Festival of Lights 2k17

Sharing in the season of lights. Chanukah, the festival of lights is a Jewish tradition that commemorates the defeat of the Greeks by a small group of Jewish rebel warriors call the Maccabees. After they won they relit the eternal light at their temple that was destroyed by the Greeks but only had enough oil for one night. It would have taken eight days to retrieve more oil to keep the enteral flame lit.  

To their surprise, the oil that was supposed to last one night, shined for eight nights.

Today we light eight candles and enjoy treats fried in oil to remember the miracle of the oil lasting eight days.

Happy Chanukah
With much love

Decor Finds//

Shelf:  Mercantile Bookshelf  by Apple Fall
Fence: Robin by Dust Bunny
Organ: Reed by Soy
Kippah: Kippah-Kippah-Yarmulke by RC- Cluster
Menorah: Menorah by Fancy Decor

Garden. oldbook by Anc
Storybook living . researcher's journal by Dust Bunny
Pile of Vinage books by Nutmeg

Cat: Licking by Thor
Moths: Moths to a flame by Keke

Woodland dreams . doughnut cake by Dust Bunny Modified with - Phlox in Jar by Lode

Hanging flower pot by Dust Bunny
Magen David: Modified with - Dark string lights by Hive, Philadelphus Vase by Lode
and Dark Purple Berries by Soy

Toy pieces: Dreidels - Rounded by Tool Shed (on Marketplace)
Gold coins: Captain Burbridge's Booty - Gold Coins by MadPea 
Paper toy: Paper plane by Anc

A Day in December

December is the time of the year most of us reflect on how we spent our past months and days. We question ourselves, Did we meet all the goals we had set and were we as pleasant to those that surround our everyday. Finding the warmness in your heart to share another year, good or bad starts now. 

Be joyful, be at peace and enjoy this month of  December.

Decor Finds//

Home Structure: Hetton Barn Conversion by Apple Fall

Sofa Bed: Leather Loveseat by Merak at Collabor88
Blanket: Patchwork Rug by Apple Fall
Package: Lavender secret package by Nutmeg
Mug: Cocoa & cookies tray by Dust Bunny
Cookies: Tree cookies by Dust Bunny
Plate: Casolare Place Setting by The Loft

Ornaments: Hunt Gift  by Apple Fall
- The objective is to find and collect 10 hidden gold apples 
that are spread throughout the Apple Fall mainstore 
with your supplied hud that can be found at the store's entrance.
This hunt will take place from:
November 26th - December 24th, 2017.

Light Fixtures//
Entry Lantern by Fancy Decor
String lights by Dust Bunny
Winter 2017 by Keke //modified

Secret garden by Anc
White rose vase by Dust Bunny
Hibiscus Babybreath Wreath by Lode
Valarie Silverleaf Wreath by Tia

Birds: Forget. Swallow by Anc
Cat: Sleepy Bengal by Omen

Snowy Tones

It's an old saying not to wear white after Labor Day. Times have changed and white is acceptably worn all year round. I particularly love seeing white on a snowy day. The tones are magical, soft and set the mood for the season.

Until the next shot
With Much Love
- Q

Fashionable Finds//
Hair: lyric  by Analog Dog Hair
Dress: Moto jacket dress by Ison

Necklace: Cheri Diamond Choker by Vexiin

Eyeshadow: Reflection Liner by Veechi
Eyelashes: Pixie by Warpaint
Lipstick: Vampira lips - punkin' eater edition by Adored

The Life in Us

Life is like living in the wild. Take control of your wild stylishly and awake your inner beast.
We are the queens of the jungle in our stiletto heels.

With Love  &
Until the next shot
- Q

Fashionable Finds//
Hair: Willa by Little Bones
Dress: Dark Dress by Pixicat

Necklace: Cordelia Statement by LaGyo

Eyeshadow: Liquid Liner by Arte
Eyelashes: Beauty Queen Collection by Mai Bilavio
Lipstick: Soul eater lips by Adored

My Reason To Be Thankful

The greatest thing in my Second Life™ is sharing a bound with my daughter Terr Jeddα Roвιɴ.  There is nothing more rewarding than having a genuine and kind-hearted soul to have around you. Surround yourself with positivity and love this season.
From my nest to yours. 
Happy Thanksgiving
- Q

Fashionable Finds//
Hair on Q: Kira by Entwined
Hair on Terr: Juniper by Doux
The Outfits: Carli by Indented

Electric Blue Mistletoe

Electric blue with electrical kisses will surely melt away any cold exterior leaving nothing but the warmness of a soul

Quincy Robin - spotted uptown celebrating the start of her favorite season with kisses to all her friends and loved one. Wearing all gray from head to boots.

Be Electric 
With Love 
- Q

Fashionable Finds//
Hair: Britney by Doux
Dress: Nora velvet pleated dress by Ison
Shoes: Laurel by Empire at Collabor88

Bag: Ebba by Mowie
Ring: Lilian by Avaway

Lashes: Pixie by Warpaint
Eyeshadow: Glossy by Bossie
Lipstick: Lotus Lipstick v2 by Just Magnetized