Picnic Wedding Dresses - I DOs

Saying I DOs is the easy part of Second Life™ Weddings, Finding the right dress and theme is amongst the most tedious parts of planning your wedding. I saw it first hand when trying to aid a long time friend in finding a dress for her renewal, which left us frustrated with the lack of dresses and accessories designed just for weddings. I sorted after some dresses that are more up to date with today's trends and styles and found this beautiful two piece dress by Junbug that many would normally pass by and not look at it twice as a wedding dress

My amazing sister Leighton and I collaborated on styling these dresses to showcase how to find a dress made easy for the modern bride. 

The theme was set for a picnic wedding. I wore a more traditional colored wedding dress that was all white, ditching the bouquet for a basket that highlighted the picnic theme.

Leighton- a bit bold, wore a soft pink dress and added accessories that gave her an overall classic vintage look which works perfectly with the set theme.
Don't be afraid to try something out of the box for your wedding.

Be bold, Be classy, Be stylish
With much love
- Q

On Right - Quincy Robin//
Hair: Vida by Beusy
Outfit: Trudy Skirt, Trudy Top by Junbug
Shoes: Germany by Essenz
Headdress: Headwear - Winter Anemone by Lode
Basket: Spring Picnic Rattan Basket by Zenith

On left - Leighton Steely//
Hair: Athene by Beusy
Outfit: Trudy Skirt, Trudy Top by Junbug
Shoes: Karima Sandals by Gos
Hat: Melancholy by Lode 
Earrings: Pearl Rain Season 3 by Mandala
Necklace: Pearl Necklace by JuneJewels 
Flowers: Hand accessory Freesia, Hand accessory Muskare by Lode

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