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SL16B Celebration!

 Oh my! Second Life™ is turning Sweet Sixteen! and this year we are celebrating with a retro theme of the 1950s!

I joined Second Life™ in 2007 and never did I imagine that many years later I would still be an active resident on this virtual platform. I am so proud to have seen the changes of Second Life™ over the years and even more excited to see the many more years to come.

I am so honored to be invited to take part as an official press of  SL16B

Join me as we explore the many sims that showcase what residents of this platform have done over the years and a seak-peek into the future.

There are so many things to see and do at every corner and every turn.

Words can't express how excited I am to share the new takes on the 
Linden homes for premium members.

Come out and enjoy SL16B

There is a birthday every year but there can only be one 
Sweet Sixteen!

Happy Birthday
Second Life™

Dates to remember
- SL16B Open to the Public: 10am (SLT) June 20th - July 8th, 2019
- SL16B Shopping and Gift Event: June 20th - July 8th, 2019
- SL16B Music Faire: June 21st - June 22nd, 2019
- Meet the Lindens: June 24th - June 27th, 2019 - 2pm (PDT)

SL16B Promotional Video
SL16B Landing and Info Page
SL16B Destination Guide Category
SL16B Music Faire Lineup and Schedule
Meet the Lindens Schedule
SL16B Calendar of Events
SL16B Community Experiences to Explore
SL16B Swaginator Gift Hunt

SL16B Official Shopping Event
Five(5) regions and One hundred(100) creators to shop and receive gifts from

SL16B Welcome Area 1
SL16B Welcome Area 2

Fashionable Finds
Hair: Little Bones Mara
Dress: Miss Chelsea Wallace Dress
Shoes: ChicChica Doris


Developing Skills

When I am not decorating I love working on my photography skills. 
Spending some time in my darkroom developing more images for my feeds.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your work come to life.

Find something you love and work hard to master it.
with love,

Fashionable Finds
Hair: Foxy Ina 
Top: Seul Chelsea Satin Bra 
Pants: Miss Chelsea Zora Leggings available at the Anthem event until June 30th

Eyewear: Sorgo Atom Shades available at the Anthem event until June 30th

Decor Finds
Structure: Anxiety anemoia loft available at the Anthem event until June 30th
Fancy Decor Darkroom available at  The Arcade June 2019String of Photos, Trays, Utility Table, Utility Sink, Film Enlarger, Photo Rack, Red Light, Tongs Holder


Remodeling a Tiny House in Second Life - Decorate with Me

Hey Robins,
Have you ever wanted a tiny home on wheels in Second Life™? I have been admiring them for some time in real life and was thrilled to come across a few in Second Life™

This tiny house needed a bit of love and care. In today's video, we will be remodeling key areas of the house. 

Hangout with me while we transform this tiny house into a tiny home!

Building a home take a lot of time and effort. The real reward is seeing it through.

Take the risk and create a tiny space for you and your loved ones.

With so much love my "tiny" Robins
Until next time,

Fashionable Finds
Hair: Navy and Copper Scarlett available at the FaMeshed event
Top: Miss Chelsea Faya top
Skirt: Pixicat Bohemian Skirt
Shoes: Tetra Sophia Heels


Ideza Tiny House

Fancy Decor Harper Sofa, Decanter, Table, Candle, Floor Lamp,  Artwork 
available at the FaMeshed event

MudHoney Finley Books, Mail, Keys,  Phone, Candle, Console Table, Mirror, Frames, Votive, Chapstick, Notepad
available at the Arcade event until June 30, 2019

Apple Fall West Village Eleanora Drawer Chest, West Village Eleanora Bedside Table, Daffodils Jug, Ceramic Bowls, Tea Tins and Tea Books, Cushion, Milton Curtains, Times Newspaper, Elvira Rose Tea, West Village Abby Candle,
Fancy Decor Crane Orchid, Glass Lamp, Crane Orchid, Ruben Chair, Crane Console, Crane Sink, Tartt Lounger, Foskett Light,  Jones Armchair, Burin Window Shutters
MudHoney Classic Wall Panel
Dust Bunny Pilea peper plant, Kitchen clutter utensil pitcher, Kitchen clutter dish drying rack, Kitchen clutter spice rack, Sweet dreams lamp, Wool zag rug, Hoya plant,
Con and Dust Bunny Gracie Living Room Pillow Stack
Haikel Love can be so, Catch My Love
Hive hanging pot rack, Modular lounge seating, Macrame hanging plant
Ariskea Cottage sign and keys, Expresionist painting, Vintage Lantern, Botanica Wood table, Kuva Round Macrame Rug
Granola Eggs, Basket of Tomatoes, Basket of Avocados
Soy Powpon Pouf, The Kitchen, Gas Burner
The Loft and Aria Round Wire Chair, Attwell Pergola, Shirvan Chandelier
Blue Sky Wine Bottle
What Next Richmond Mailbox
LAQ Decor Toilet
Nutmeg Hand made Soap
Vespertine Garden herbs
Pewpew Plate with Thym Herbs modified with Dust Bunny Autumns calling plate setting
Ariskea Dairy Sage Container modified with Dust Bunny Quirky planters owl planter
Fancy Decor Hurricane Sconce modified with Soy Narcissus Suisen Ichirin Zashi
Soy Stepping Tiles modified with Merak Elegant Shower Cabinet
Soy Vintage Metal Headboard modified with Dust Bunny Sweet dreams wingback bed


Apple Fall Whitehall Pathway
Alirium ItchyGrass
Botanical T2C Linden
Little Branch ElmShrub, Hibiscus Shrub, Bouton d'or Lavender, GreenAsh, MysticOak, CherryTree


Friendly Locals

Still on my road trip. We spotted a cute bar ahead and we decided to make a stop for refreshments.
It was a cozy corner filled with friendly locals. We shared some laughs and drinks and of course, I had to try the mechanical bull!

Maintaining balance was hard 
but there is nothing that is too hard for a Robin!
See you soon at the next stop
with love,

Fashionable Finds
Hair: Little Bones Lead
Hat and Top: Cosmic Dust Old Town H*e available at Uber event until June 22, 2019
Shorts: Seul Paris Denim Shorts
Shoes: Essenz Botswana available at Uber event until June 22, 2019

Earrings: Rhude Coco Earrings
Arm Cuff: Miss Chelsea Jini Arm Cuff


Cactus Town

The summer heat is right around the corner and I took a little road trip to Cactus Town. With so much to see, I had to stop for a quick snapshot with the desert floras.

with nothing but fresh air and long roads ahead,
I will see you soon loves,

Fashionable Finds
Hair: Doux Denise
Top and Skirt: Cosmic Dust Almira available at

Hat: Spectacledchic Maei


Anthem May' 19 - Spring /Summer Mix and Match

As spring rears its end and the heated sunrays of summer are near, it's time to switch up the closet and pack away the fur for light, flowing, and delicate fabrics.

Join me as we mix and match spring and summer looks
with pieces from the Anthem event.

Anthem is a new and stylish event that is currently filled with spring and summer trends. 
You surely don't want to miss.

Thank you so much for styling with me
until next time
with love,

Fashionable Finds
Hair: Entwined Savannah available at the Anthem event

Look 1
Dress: Rebel Gal Allyson Dress available at the Anthem event
Shoes: Essenz  Mauritius available at the Access event until June 7, 2019

Necklace: Yummy Auspicious Necklace
Bag: M. Birdie Lindsay look Bag

Look 2
Top: Bueno Tessa Top available at the Anthem event
Skirt: Coco Suede Fringe Skirt
Shoes: Enchante Ellen Heels available at the Anthem event

Aurealis Rhyland Bag

Look 3
Top: Pseudo Minka Top
Skirt: Gaia Colin Denim Skirt available at the Anthem event
Shoes: Coco Strappy Lace Up Heel

Kibitz Nora necklace
The Oak Reese Bag

Look 4
Dress: Pixicat Nita Dress available at the Anthem event
Shoes: Essenz Oxford

Look 5
Top: Miss Chelsea Echo Halter available at the Anthem event
Bottoms: Miss Chelsea Echo Jeans available at the Anthem event
Jacket: Pseudo Leo Leather Jacket
Shoes: Equal Hazel Ankle Boots

Eyewear: Sorgo Hab Shades


Bake and Eat with Special Guest

Hey Robins,
Time to get the mixer out the closet and the batter ready for the oven. Today is all about the sweets and treats we can give and share with thee wonderful women in our lives on this special day,
Mother's Day

This chocolate dish above explodes 
your taste buds into chocolate heaven  

Join me and my special guest for a bit of bake and eat mother's day treats!

Bring the kids in on the fun
with a fun breakfast idea for mom!
  • MishMish Bear Hot Cakes 
  • Apple Fall West Village Pancake Breakfast Board
  • Apple Fall West Village French Tart Assortment
  • Vespertine Bowl of strawberries
  • Vespertine Treat yoself 2 shopping bags
  • Ayla. Chocolate Dessert Coffee w/ Coffee Beans
  • .Shi Macaroons Basket and Beans
  • Lode Decor Tulips and Cherries 

For a healthier option 
Top your bagels off with veggies or fruits and 
save the calories for the champagne   

Easy to prepare without ever 
lighting the stove burner
A meal that is well appreciated any hour of the day

For the lady on the go
Remind her that you care 
with a box of goodies

A special Thank you to a very special woman in my life, 

For always listening and being unapologetically you. 
My Mother, Jen 
Happy Mother's Day Mommy!


Decor Finds
MudHoney Clio Kitchen
Apple Fall Copper Mixer, Copper Pan Stack
Dust bunny homemade summer treats recipe book, hinged vase flowers, homemade soup bag of groceries, pasta love grocery basket, kitchen clutter spice rack, kitchen clutter  canisters,  kitchen clutter cutting boards
Fancy Decor Merlot Wine Glass, Thor Gattomiau Red
Ariskea Botanica Bamboo Light Pendant, Macrame TableCloth
Loft and Aria Hedvig Lamp, Not so bad Jade wall decoration, Merak Kitchen Counter Stool


Water and Sunshine

The best place for an earthy soul like mine is in a garden where I feel most alive and reminded of the simple things in life that we commonly overlook.

As they bloom left and right I would take with me this peacefulness of knowing everything takes time to bloom, just be rooted and the water and sunshine would come.

Time to head back to my life in the city.
see you soon, 

Fashionable Finds
Hair: Navy and Copper Phoebe available at the Belle event
Top: Cosmic Dust Carminucci Lace Top
Kimono: Miss chelsea Jini Kimono
Pants: Pixicat SamWide Pants

Earring: Amala The Cara Earrings
Necklace: Amala The Cara Necklace
Nails: Ascendant Pride Week

Decor Finds
Pewpew! Garden Greenhouse, Keke watering can

Hive  kentia palm plant,  bird of paradise plant, oversized alocasia plant, potted fan palm plant,
areca palm plant
Dust bunny hanging plants ivy planter,  hanging plants spider planter
Plaaka Rattan Basket Planter Dracaena Concinna, Sansevieria, Angiopteris Lygodiifolia, Ficus Altissima