Abstract Vibrance

Over my years in Second Life™ some of my friends and family has asked me to help with the setting up of spaces in their homes. Today I want to share with you all some tricks I use from time to time while setting up a living space.

I have created a simple and small living space, using some pieces I recently found at events or just surfing creators Flickr streams.


With this abstract yet vibrant room, we will go through the process step by step in my vlog decorating recording.

Using some modification tricks, you too can achieve this space or create something truly amazing of your own.

- Q

Here are some of the pieces I used while creating this space,

Structure: Repurposed Barn House by 22769
Doors: Barn door slider by Brocante 
Wall Panel: Simple Wall Panel by Fancy Decor
Sofa: Beckett Settee by The Loft & Aria
Chairs: Rattan Woven Chair by Soy, Peplum Pillow Lounger by Sayo
Benches: Harlow Bench by Balaclava, Davis Bench by Fancy Decor
Lamp:  Beckett Lamp by The Loft & Aria, Rose Neon Lamp by Soy, glass lamp by Keke
Cabinets: Crawford Cabinet by Fancy Decor,  Layla Cabinet by MudHoney
Plants: Wall Hanging Plant, House Plant by What Next, Serendipity Potted Monstera Deliciosa by Aria, Verne Eucalyptus Vase by The Loft, Roses by Scandalize
Tables: Odeletta Side Table, Troubadour Geometric Table by The Loft & Aria
Rug: Dahlia's Rug by Kalopsia
Paintings & Wall Accessories:  Framed poster kh rework by High V, Hand Carved Zebra Mask by Apple Fall, Beckett Mirror by The Loft & Aria, Marbled Art by Fancy Decor
Smaller decorative pieces: Poenies Gift Box by Ariskea, Catch all bowl by The Loft, Travel Planning by Merak, Verne Onyx Horn by The Loft, spring flower by Keke, Lucite Candlestick by Fancy Decor, Leather Moccasins by Apple Fall
Pet: Jack Russel Terrier by Jian

Keyboard Hot Keys//

Ctrl-L Link together
Shift-Ctrl-L Unlink
Shift (Hold) Drag To make copies of an already rezzed copiable item

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