Second Life™ artist always amazes me. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Kkw
Who created this wonderful portrait of my avatar. The quality in her artistry is very realistic in my opinion.

I was welcomed by Kkw at her beautiful city themed studio where she took several photos of my avatar. The overall feeling of my experience with Kkw was beyond relaxing. Her kindness throughout the process by checking in to assure I received and was happy with the outcome of my portrait was very refreshing.

Kkw got interested in the photography industry in 2012, approximately around the time she created her personal blog and wanted to improve her images.
As her work skills grew, her second life™ relatives and friends turn to her for their profile photos. With this came Kkw's interest in head shots, studying and focusing on one's face became more appealing than her styling editorial themed photography.


Looking on as her comrades took on clientele to build on their skills and portfolios, Kkw had fear of possible stress and avoided commission jobs for some time. In the middle of 2016, Kkw would have overcome that fear and opened her client list.

I like realism, there is an artist in Second Life™ called Nomak He used to post speed edits of his process that were very real ... I was crazy to know how he did that, so I started to sort after youtube tutorials on realism in digital art. There were a lot of videos for me to start understanding.
I'm still learning.....
Says Kkw

Kkw is a marketing college student in real life, uses Second Life™ photography as a hobby. Her return time on commissioned portraits is five days minimum and ten days maximum. You will also receive several sizes and versions of the same photo for more views and or highlights.

Click here for an example//

To book your appointment with Kkw, simply send a message to her a Flickr mail.

With much love
- Q

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