It always amazes me as to how one can use Second Life™ as an artistic outlet. I enjoy viewing others artistic work within Second Life™. More and more artist are using Flickr as a way to showcase their contribution to Second Life's artistic world.

Lana Moon is one of many artist that I have stumbled upon while viewing Second Life™ resident's art and photography on Flickr.

Lana, a photographer, 3D designer, and graphic designer is a truly unique artist whom I had the pleasure of meeting. I was astonished as she created a one of a kind modeled representation of my avatar.

Her process of creating such art will first start with a small photo shoot of your avatar. These images from the photo shoot are used as references to aid with the modeling process within Zbrush; a well-known modeling software. Using a standard model; Lana is able to combine your avatar's measurements, such as your avatar's face and body type. The textures are then created in Photoshop and placed in Blender for the final render.
The return time on receiving your completed image is a minimum of four days to the maximum of two weeks for the first time clients.
The turnover time when modeling with Lana for the second and other times moving forward is even shorter since she will already have a model of your avatar at hand.

I asked Lana what made her start a business in Second Life™ and to my surprise, she revealed that it would be a great way to practice what she is studying in real life and expressed how great it is that Second Life™ is actually helping her to be better at what she wants to accomplish.

Lana hopes to open another business vendor within Second Life™  creating clothing, skins, and cosmetics. Surely, in my opinion, something to look forward to.

I think Second Life™ is growing very fast! the photographers are advancing more and more and are very good at it, but my process is something that no one can do the same as I, nobody can model like me because they are all made by me. I do the photoshoot for reference and after that, I recreate the client so that too is different from others. Says LanaM00N.

If you are interested in working with Lana, on some amazing one of a kind model image of your avatar or even vendor advertisements, you can contact her by email Lana at 

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