Welcoming Mowie In-World

First presenting their amazing take on modern fashion and accessories in the beginning of 2016. Today Mowie has hit the grid hard with their new in-world store. With a warm welcoming and congratulation to its owner Bubuzinha Luv.

I first spotted Mowie while surfing Flickr, where I came across their Flickr stream. I saw their amazing bags and my heart stop just for a second. In my opinion; handbags have been lacking in Second Life ™ over the last few years. Seeing such detail, beauty and original mesh all in one place had me in awe. Mowie also offers sunglasses, hat, shoes and more.

Bubuzinha creative mind is exploding within every corner of her in-world store. From it's well thought out floor plan that allows easy access to her items without the headache of searching in a maze, to its minimal decor that does not overpower the products showcasing.

But let's not stop there, Mowie is offering an opening sale of 40% off until May 14, 2017. So don't miss it and visit the new home of Mowie.


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