Summer, Summer, Summer Fest

Summer, Summer, Summer Fest

It's my favorite time of the year where we have all excuses to wear less. It's a Second Life™ Summer! Rolling in with the start of Second Life™ Summer is the biggest summer shopping event of the year, Summer Fest 2017 and I am so delighted to be a part of the team to bring to you all the hottest fashion and decoration of this season.

Taking it all in as Summer Fest 2017 finally opens its door today June 30th through July 20th. Let's  grab your swimsuit, sunglasses, and sandals!  Oh, and let's not forget the sunscreen.

I will be right there alongside you
with much love
- Q

Fashionable Finds
Swimsuit: Kendall by CandyDoll at Summer Fest 2017
Sunglasses: Naju by Mulloy
Hair: Kali by Foxy

Set Decor
Pool: Tropical pool by Astralia at Summer Fest 2017
Chair: Tidal Wave Deck by Free Bird at Summer Fest 2017
Pillows: Beach Lounger  (Modify) by Nomad at Summer Fest 2017
Sandals: Carefree Sandals Clutter by Half-Deer at Summer Fest 2017
Rug: Summer Rug by Blue Sky at Summer Fest 2017
Breavrage: Drunk Gacha 10 by ChicChica
Trees: Fan Palm Tree, Banana Tree by Nomad

Don't Get Too Lost!!


A Mysterious Collaboration

A Mysterious Collaboration

It's with great honor to have an opportunity with the Blogger and Vlogger Network of Second Life™ with partnering me with the lovely Fauve Aeon for a blog collaboration. 
This experience was worth every second. It allowed me to interact with another creative mind. We both played strong roles in planning out the project which incorporated our personalities and ultimately, to see the project to fruition. It was completely out of my element to share the workload with another and to also see that we both had the same creative challenges.

I look forward to working with Fauve in the future as this is a start to a wonderful friendship. 

With much Love
- Q

On Quincy Robin - On The Left
Hair: 94 by Barberyumyum
Top: Anka Silk Blouse by Rowne
Skirt: Bella Sequin Skirt by Tres Blah
Necklace: Eclat by Yummy

On Fauve Aeon - On The Right
Hair: 94 by Barberyumyum
Gown: Abigail by Azul
Jewelry:  Head Jewels by Calico Aliyah Hair

Packing with Quincy Robin - Second Life™ Dubai

Packing with Quincy Robin - Second Life™ Dubai

I haven't been on a Second Life™ vacation in ages! I was invited on a two day one night stay in Second Life™ Dubai. With the invitation came the question of, "What am I going to wear?!"  After thinking it over I selected and put together a few looks for my trip to Second Life™ Dubai. It wasn't easy but it was loads of fun picking out outfit after outfit and trying on shoes after shoes, a true woman's heaven!

In this recording, I want to share with you seven different looks for different occasions while in Second Life™ Dubai. Let me know which look is your favorite.
With much love,
- Q

Outfit 0//
Robe: Kate cover up by Erratic
Bra: Jasmine Top  by Nerido
Hair: Kasha hair by Little Bones
Necklace: Cara Necklace by Amala

Outfit 1//
Top: Open Back Lace Up Top by COCO
Skirt: Ipanema Skirt by Emery
Shoes: Snapdragon Shoes by Empire
Hair: Veiled Promise Hair by  Anachron
Glasses: Vice Sunglasses  by Yummy
Head Jewellery: Tensei headdress by Mandala
Ring: Siya hand-harness  by Zaara

Outfit 2//
Jumper: Valentina Lace Jumper by Addams
Shoes: Lavatera Shoes by Empire
Hair: Fabia hair by Little Bones
Hat: Marcia look-hat by M.Birdie
Glasses: Mailu Glasses by Zoom
Necklace: Corset Choker by Yummy
Bag: Huguette Bag by C'est la vie

Outfit 3//
Dress: Zoe Strap Dress by Jeune by Rowne
Vest: Lace Maxi Vest by COCO
Shoes: Street Glamour Heels by Vale Koer
Hair: Luna by Pr!tty
Bag: Julia bag by Mowie
Watch: Kotowari watch by Mandala

Outfit 4//
Swimsuit: The Kawaii Swimsuit  by Luas
Hair: Paprika Kah by Beusy
Shoes: Narcissus by Empire
Necklace: Dazzled Necklace by Reign
Glasses: Forella Glasses by Mulloy
Food Add-Ons: Summertime Drinks by Anya Ohmai for Knot & co.

Outfit 5//
Swimsuit: Heat Bikini by Cynful
Hair: Malibu by Love
Glasses: Giza Glasses by Mulloy
Necklace: Jerlise Necklace by Glam Affair
Food Add-Ons: Summer Time - Cup Heart by Empire

Outfit 6//
Dress: Hot Love dress is by Junbug
Shoes: Jacqueline Faux Crocodile Stiletto by Murray
Hair: Mondaze by Foxy
Earring: Hurrem Beryl Earring by ChicChica

Outfit 7//
Dress: Divine Dress by Addams
Blazer: Sinclair Blazer by David Heather
Shoes: Metallic Ankle Boot by Over High
Hair: Olympia by Little Bones

I also included the featured beautiful bedroom set. I had so much fun putting this space together and making it my own by making it appear as if I were to be packing for a real life vacation.

Bed: Hudson by The Loft
Pillows: LTD Bow Tie Cushion by Apple Fall, Soft & Subtle by The Loft, pillow pile by Revival
Side Table: Ramses Console by Fancy Decor
Lamps: Ceramic Lamp by Fancy Decor, Chidi Straw Lamp by The Loft, Capiz Chandelier by MudHoney
Mirror: Sorrel Mirror by Cheeky Pea
Rug: Honey Apple Rug by Mudhoney
Art: Plank Panels and Black Framed Fern by Fancy Decor
Floral Arrangements: Meadow Flowers by Apple Fall, Berries by Keke
Smaller decorative pieces:  Slumber Party Makeup Bag, Jolie - Perfume Collection, OOTD, Salad Days Passing Time, Striped Planner, Easy Listening and Ruffled Clutch by Tres Blah
Chidi Sculpture by The Loft, Baboon Egyptian God Statue by MeadowWorks, Clothers, Trolley bag black by Tentacio, Jewelry box by Dust Bunny

Midtown Robin

Midtown Robin

Quincy Robin between shopping and vlogging was spotted in midtown, stylishly in the new low back cut number by Lana and carrying a complementary mini red bag by M.Birdie.

Just a casual afternoon stroll
with love
- Q

The fashionable finds//

Dress: Gabi Dress by Lana
Bag: Marcia look bag by M.Birdie
Hair: The Audrey by Olive
Accessories: Glitz Shades by Yummy, Caitlyn Necklace by LaGyo