A Mysterious Collaboration

It's with great honor to have an opportunity with the Blogger and Vlogger Network of Second Life™ with partnering me with the lovely Fauve Aeon for a blog collaboration. 
This experience was worth every second. It allowed me to interact with another creative mind. We both played strong roles in planning out the project which incorporated our personalities and ultimately, to see the project to fruition. It was completely out of my element to share the workload with another and to also see that we both had the same creative challenges.

I look forward to working with Fauve in the future as this is a start to a wonderful friendship. 

With much Love
- Q

On Quincy Robin - On The Left
Hair: 94 by Barberyumyum
Top: Anka Silk Blouse by Rowne
Skirt: Bella Sequin Skirt by Tres Blah
Necklace: Eclat by Yummy

On Fauve Aeon - On The Right
Hair: 94 by Barberyumyum
Gown: Abigail by Azul
Jewelry:  Head Jewels by Calico Aliyah Hair

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