A Unique Catch

A Unique Catch

Quincy Robin- spotted uptown in a combo of pink and blue with complimentary fish-like accents, aiming for her catch of the day in style.

With so many fishes in the sea, always be the unique one.
With much Love
- Q

Fashionable Finds//
Top: Madison Destroyed Denim by Seul
Skirt: Catch Of The Day Fish Scale Mini by Valentina E.
Shoe: Anthurium by Empire at Kustom9
Hair:  Lexie by Entwined

Sunglasses: Glitz Shades by Yummy
Headdress: Shen le Headpiece by Zenith
Bag: Neely Patent Leather Handbag by Salvadori (Marketplace)

8 Stylish Swimwear for Summer 17

8 Stylish Swimwear for Summer 17

Summer is one of my favorite times of the year. It is easy for me to grab my swimsuit and head to the beach but for some, it's not as easy when it comes to selecting the right swimsuit. With so many swimwears that are being created this time of year, it can cluster one's ability to look at their swimwear with so much more possibilities. I have styled eight looks that I hope will set the tone for viewing your swimwear attire in a different light.

Styling with Quincy//

Be bold and risky when styling your swimwear this summer. Try adding little pieces like floaties or water guns to give a more playful effect.
Throw a lace jacket or a cover-up over your swimsuit for more of a chic pool side look.
Let's not forget our floppy hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

Dress up or dress down your beach wear this summer.
With much Love
- Q

Fashionable finds//

Outfit 0//
Swin Suit//
Top: Road top by Spirit
Bottom: Dazzled Highwaist Bottoms by Reign
Hair: Portia by Little Bones

Sunglasses: Heartbreaker Shades by Atomic 
Camera: Travel Camera by Yummy
Food: Kade by ChicChica

Outfit 1//

Swin Suit//
Top and Bottom: Beach Day Bikini by Empire at The Epiphany
Hair: Portia by Little Bones

Sunglasses: Shell Shades by The Sugar Garden
Bellychain: Time Belly Chain by Empire
Float: Seahorse by Zenith

Outfit 2//
Swin Suit//
Top and Bottom: Paradise Bikini by Moon Elixir
Cover-up: Bermuda Dress by Faboo
Hair: Portia by Little Bones

Sunglasses: Antago Glasses by Mulloy
Food: Beach Day - Fruit Stick by Empire at The Epiphany

Outfit 3//
Swin Suit//
Top and Bottom: Lagoon Bikini by Pixicat
Hair: Portia by Little Bones

Hat: StrawHat by Coco
Sunglasses: Round Cat-eyes by Atomic 
Drink: Drunk by ChicChica

Outfit 4//
Swin Suit//
Top and Bottom: CutoutSwimsuit by Coco
Jacket: Sage Lacey Jacket by The Secret Store 
Hair: Jenni by pr!tty

Necklace: Crochet Choker by Yummy
Earring: The Abigail Earrings by Amala

Outfit 5//
Swin Suit//
Top and Bottom: S.Sport by Scandalize
Jacket: Occult Jacket by Ison
Hair: Mae by Iconic

Hat: Last Summer Suncap by M.Birdie
Earring: The Abigail Earrings by Amala

Outfit 6//
Swin Suit//
Top and Bottom: Nessa Swimsuit by JustBecause
Skirt: Beach Day Skirt by Empire at The Epiphany
Hair: Portia by Little Bones

Headdress: Phlox Crown by Lode
Bag: Beach Bag Doggy Bow by Reign

Outfit 7//
Swin Suit//
Top and Bottom: Camokini by Mai Bilavio
Jacket: Kia Bomber by Seul
Hair: Vendetta Hair & Cap by Beusy

Sunglasses: Rimless Shades by Yummy
Body Chain: Oakley Bodychain by Blueberry

Outfit 8//

Swin Suit// 
Top and Bottom: Shae by Apple May Designs
Hair: Portia by Little Bones

Sunglasses: Sunglasses by Mossu
Drink: Citrus2 Summer Drink by katat0nik
Umbrella: Shen le unbrella by Zenith

Decor Finds//

Structure:  Lifeguard tower by Oyasumi
Surfboard: Wall Surfboard by Blue Sky
Flip flop: Polly's Flip Flop by Kalopsia
Basket: Pom pom blanket by Dust bunny
Top: Carefree Bikini Clutter by Half-Deer
Drinks: Pineapple drink and Coconut drink by Dust bunny

Tropic Plant by Sayo


Drunk Flamingos

Drunk Flamingos

I wanted to showcase these beautiful flamingos by Jian that are at Summer Fest 2017. I really like the evolution of  Second Life™ animals over the years. They have become more and more realistic with blinking eyes and even wandering around as if it had a mind of its own.

What if they did?... What would they do? 


Maybe spend the day shopping for the perfect club dress and found themselves drunk at the end night in a powder room with friends. Enjoying their lives as beautiful flamingos... what if?

If you had to be a sexy wild species,
what would you be and what would you do?
until next time, 
With much Love
- Q 

Decor Finds//
Structure: Ladies Room by Seul
Walls:  3D - Decorative Wall Panel by Mons

Mirror: Circle Mirror by Fancy Decor
Sign: Eyes On Me by Seven
Light fixture: His Chandelier by David Heather

Potted Crocus by Fancy Decor,  Aradia Orchid by Aria & The Loft

Flamingo Collection by Jian at Summer Fest 2017

Star Crossed Weddings

Star Crossed Weddings

Second Life™ has been growing in the romance department. More and more newly engaged couples set off to find the perfect place to have their wedding. Being a participant of many weddings in Second Life™ myself and at a time where there was little to no accommodation to wedding planning, making the day in question overwhelmingly stressful.  Today Second Life™ wedding venues have been blooming on the grid.

I came upon Star Crossed Weddings while doing my daily routine of social media updates.
Star Crossed Weddings was founded by Juliet Moonshadow in February of 2010. After being an officiant herself and noticing the lack of organization that caused unnecessary stress to the bride, groom and their guest, Juliet was determined to find a better way of event planning.

Juliet alongside her COO; Alexia Gaelyth and loyal staff members treat your special day with as much importance as their real life jobs, caring about their clients and wanting for couple's big day to be as amazing as they imagined. Opening their arms and doors to embrace all types of couples seeking to be wed no matter your race, religion, or sexual preference. Offering many beautiful preset and customizable venue that fits your desires for your day. Giving you a package option that offers full coverage of every aspect of your wedding, allowing you total relaxation and a stress-free wedding day.


Star Crossed Weddings has more than what might first meet the eyes. Becoming an enterprise in 2011 by opening a photo studio, offering a wide range of photography services for both wedding and non-wedding needs.

Also home to a beautiful resort for a honeymoon or a much-needed family vacation. The resort spaces were created within breathtaking scenes to fit your escape needs, from the Japanese blossoms that greet you in the mornings while relaxing over tea, or to release your stress by listening to the sounds of the waves that travel to the shores near your beach condo. Your dream escape has already been created and awaits you at Star Crossed Weddings.

There are many aspects to Star Crossed Weddings. One of my personal favorites is their fine dining restaurant that you can make a reservation for a romantic dinner for two or have a dinner party for your family. Star Crossed Weddings really knows how to roll out the red carpets and they are still growing and evolving with time.
"Keep falling in love in Second Life™ For every broken heart, there is a love story that extends to Real Life and it's worth it. I met my husband in here, so I know the power Second Life™ has to change your life. And of course, when they do fall in love, come see me! I want to hear the story and hopefully, share a piece of their special day" - Juliet Moonshadow says while expressing her love for love in Second Life™

                                                                                                          Photograph by Nina Carrasco Andel

I have felt nothing but welcomed and the presence of love while at Star Crossed Wedding.
Here is a special offer for my readers, get a 5% discount by mentioning this blog as your " how did you find us" source.  Visit their office and get closer to your dream day.

With much Love
- Q

A Bohemian Cookout

A Bohemian Cookout

It's another sizzling summer day in Second Life™ and time to dust off the grills for a cookout with friends. Creating a relaxing and low lag space for entertaining can be challenging, or even finding the right Second Life™ dishes to treat your friends can be an all day event.


In this vlog post, I have created a relaxing and intimate bohemian theme dining space for six.
Setting the tone by creating a beautiful cactus and roses centerpiece. Showcasing some of the amazing decorating pieces to spice up our spaces that are available at  Summer Fest 2017.

I had a lot of fun setting this space up and I can not wait to see what your cookouts look like.
With much Love
- Q

Decor Finds//
Structure: Chiara Pool Pavilion by Trompe Loeil

Table: Province Dining Table by Apple Fall, Tray Table by Fancy Decor
Chair: Boho Backyard - Roarke Chair by DRD at Summer Fest 2017
Placemats: Boho Backyard - Table Settings by DRD at Summer Fest 2017
Rug: Boho Backyard by DRD, Fuji Circle by Balaclava
Chandelier: Classic by Fancy Decor
Sofa: Boho Backyard - Athena by DRD at Summer Fest 2017
Lanterns: Boho Backyard - Lantern by DRD at Summer Fest 2017

Madeleine's Wood Box by Kalopsia
Cactus Desk Plant by Amala
Oasis Bloom - Prickly Pear Cactus Planter by What Next
Decor - Eucalyptus & Roses Vase by Lode
Story Candle Stick by Aria
Candles by Glam Affair Home

Polly's Party Sandwich by Kalopsia at Summer Fest 2017
Polly's Sandwich Slice by Kalopsia at Summer Fest 2017
Bluebell's Cake by Kalopsia
Bluebell's Drink by Kalopsia
Summer Fete - Fruit Skewers by Tres Blah
Summer Fete - Open Grill by Tres Blah
Boho Backyard - Wine Rack by DRD at Summer Fest 2017

Areca palm plant by Dust Bunny
Pilea peper plant by Dust Bunny
Potted rubber tree by Dust Bunny
Pink Medinilla plant by Dust Bunny

Divider: Movable Wall by Balaclava
Greenery: Superlong potted cactus by Soy,
Cactus, and WeepingWillow by Little Branch (Marketplace),
Prickly Pear Cactus by Botanical
Fencing: Kent Wall Set by Apple Fall


Rust by Minimal at Summer Fest 2017
Oasis Bloom - Tall Cactus Planter by  What Next

A Round To Win

A Round To Win

"I am going to win this round but before I do, let me fix my braid"

Hey, little Robins,
It's summertime again and time to hit the sandy beaches. I am a feeling a bit sporty in my Summer Fest 2017 fashionable finds. Winning couldn't look any better.  Let's get active this summer with making and sharing new memories with our Second Life™ friends and relatives, but remember to always do it in style.

With much Love
- Q

Fashionable Finds

Bodysuit: Kahuna Wetsuit by Dead Dollz at Summer Fest 2017
Knee Caps: Urban Fitness Sleeve by Vale Koer
Hair: Perfect Places by Exile at Summer Fest 2017

Eyeshadow: (Catwa) Colorblock eyeshadow by Studio Exposure at Summer Fest 2017
Lip Color:  (Catwa) Colorblock Lipstick by Studio Exposure at Summer Fest 2017

Sunglasses: Heart-Flip Shades by Atomic (Marketplace) at Summer Fest 2017

Nail Varnish
Nails: Fairies by alme

Set Decor

Net: Volleyball Net and Ball by Dust Bunny at Summer Fest 2017
Beach Sand: Tropical Beach by Skye (Marketplace)
Trees: Alligator Apple Bush, Palms, Zingiberaceae by Skype (Marketplace)