A Bohemian Cookout

It's another sizzling summer day in Second Life™ and time to dust off the grills for a cookout with friends. Creating a relaxing and low lag space for entertaining can be challenging, or even finding the right Second Life™ dishes to treat your friends can be an all day event.


In this vlog post, I have created a relaxing and intimate bohemian theme dining space for six.
Setting the tone by creating a beautiful cactus and roses centerpiece. Showcasing some of the amazing decorating pieces to spice up our spaces that are available at  Summer Fest 2017.

I had a lot of fun setting this space up and I can not wait to see what your cookouts look like.
With much Love
- Q

Decor Finds//
Structure: Chiara Pool Pavilion by Trompe Loeil

Table: Province Dining Table by Apple Fall, Tray Table by Fancy Decor
Chair: Boho Backyard - Roarke Chair by DRD at Summer Fest 2017
Placemats: Boho Backyard - Table Settings by DRD at Summer Fest 2017
Rug: Boho Backyard by DRD, Fuji Circle by Balaclava
Chandelier: Classic by Fancy Decor
Sofa: Boho Backyard - Athena by DRD at Summer Fest 2017
Lanterns: Boho Backyard - Lantern by DRD at Summer Fest 2017

Madeleine's Wood Box by Kalopsia
Cactus Desk Plant by Amala
Oasis Bloom - Prickly Pear Cactus Planter by What Next
Decor - Eucalyptus & Roses Vase by Lode
Story Candle Stick by Aria
Candles by Glam Affair Home

Polly's Party Sandwich by Kalopsia at Summer Fest 2017
Polly's Sandwich Slice by Kalopsia at Summer Fest 2017
Bluebell's Cake by Kalopsia
Bluebell's Drink by Kalopsia
Summer Fete - Fruit Skewers by Tres Blah
Summer Fete - Open Grill by Tres Blah
Boho Backyard - Wine Rack by DRD at Summer Fest 2017

Areca palm plant by Dust Bunny
Pilea peper plant by Dust Bunny
Potted rubber tree by Dust Bunny
Pink Medinilla plant by Dust Bunny

Divider: Movable Wall by Balaclava
Greenery: Superlong potted cactus by Soy,
Cactus, and WeepingWillow by Little Branch (Marketplace),
Prickly Pear Cactus by Botanical
Fencing: Kent Wall Set by Apple Fall


Rust by Minimal at Summer Fest 2017
Oasis Bloom - Tall Cactus Planter by  What Next

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