A Round To Win

"I am going to win this round but before I do, let me fix my braid"

Hey, little Robins,
It's summertime again and time to hit the sandy beaches. I am a feeling a bit sporty in my Summer Fest 2017 fashionable finds. Winning couldn't look any better.  Let's get active this summer with making and sharing new memories with our Second Life™ friends and relatives, but remember to always do it in style.

With much Love
- Q

Fashionable Finds

Bodysuit: Kahuna Wetsuit by Dead Dollz at Summer Fest 2017
Knee Caps: Urban Fitness Sleeve by Vale Koer
Hair: Perfect Places by Exile at Summer Fest 2017

Eyeshadow: (Catwa) Colorblock eyeshadow by Studio Exposure at Summer Fest 2017
Lip Color:  (Catwa) Colorblock Lipstick by Studio Exposure at Summer Fest 2017

Sunglasses: Heart-Flip Shades by Atomic (Marketplace) at Summer Fest 2017

Nail Varnish
Nails: Fairies by alme

Set Decor

Net: Volleyball Net and Ball by Dust Bunny at Summer Fest 2017
Beach Sand: Tropical Beach by Skye (Marketplace)
Trees: Alligator Apple Bush, Palms, Zingiberaceae by Skype (Marketplace)


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