Drunk Flamingos

I wanted to showcase these beautiful flamingos by Jian that are at Summer Fest 2017. I really like the evolution of  Second Life™ animals over the years. They have become more and more realistic with blinking eyes and even wandering around as if it had a mind of its own.

What if they did?... What would they do? 


Maybe spend the day shopping for the perfect club dress and found themselves drunk at the end night in a powder room with friends. Enjoying their lives as beautiful flamingos... what if?

If you had to be a sexy wild species,
what would you be and what would you do?
until next time, 
With much Love
- Q 

Decor Finds//
Structure: Ladies Room by Seul
Walls:  3D - Decorative Wall Panel by Mons

Mirror: Circle Mirror by Fancy Decor
Sign: Eyes On Me by Seven
Light fixture: His Chandelier by David Heather

Potted Crocus by Fancy Decor,  Aradia Orchid by Aria & The Loft

Flamingo Collection by Jian at Summer Fest 2017

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