A Mountain of Forever

It's wedding season all year round in Second Life™ and as we approach fall what better way to transition into a summer-end mountain top wedding. Finding the right wedding theme that fits both you and your significant other is compared to find a needle in the haystack. This airy setting was created for the modern and country chic couple with many complimentary items found at the new event, The Trunk Show. A bi-monthly event that caters to our wedding essentials; from the reception chairs, hair styles, and even the dress. This event has opened a door to make it easier for the newly engaged to plan their dream wedding.


Your wedding is an event to remember. Spend some time and pick the perfect theme, color scheme, and rings that fit you both. 

Wishing you a forever 
With much Love

- Q

Fashionable Finds//
Hair: Cornes by Tukinowaguma at The Trunk Show
Bodysuit: Gianna Velvet Bodysuit by Jeune by Rowne
Dress: Emilia by Sweet Kajira at The Trunk Show
Shoes: Tropaeolum by Empire at The Trunk Show
Bouquet: Spiderwort Bouquet, Royalty Vase by Lode, Olympia Vase With Gypsophila by Aria

Headdress: Polly head Corsage by Mandala
Earring: Polly earring by Mandala
Nail varnish: Summer Luxury by Alme 

Lipstick: Romantic Date by Studio Exposure
Lashes: Beauty Queen Collection by Mai Bilavio
Eyeshadow: Seduction Shadow by Veechi

Decor Finds//

In Ceremony//
Chairs: Pilar Dining  Chair by The Loft & Aria
Flowers: Royalty Vase by Lode
Rug: Wool zag rug by Dust Bunny

In Reception//
Chairs: Pilar Dining  Chair by The Loft & Aria
Table: Working Farmhouse Table by Apple Fall 
Place setting: Bonham by Fancy Decor
Centerpiece: Charlotte's Pears by Apple Fall, Royalty Vase by Lode, Olympia Vase With Gypsophila by Aria
Candles: Candlestick by Pilot
Drinks: Champagne and Red Wine by Dutchie
Rug: White by NbN

Chairs: Pilar Dining  Chair by The Loft & Aria
Perfume: Jolie Chic Perfume by Tres Blah
Flowers: Royalty Vase by Lode
Shoes: Tropaeolum by Empire at The Trunk Show

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