Pizza After Hours

Time for a bite with a special someone. Ditch the five-course meal for a more meaning full dinner that may fit your personality. 
Sometimes we can miss the simple things in Second Life™, things that may have meant a lot to us in the past. 
While Second Life can get overwhelming at times, don't forget to take a moment and enjoy a conversation of a role-played meal.

With much Love
- Q

Dishware: Simple tableware by Keke
Glass: Omg its hot glass by Keke, Dessert champagne glass by anc
Soda: Lemonade open by Keke
Pizza: Mini heart pizza by Dust Bunny
Handbag: Julia by Mowie
Sunglasses: Amalfi Glasses by Mulloy
Flowers: Bagatiba Wreath by Lode

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