The Black Wedding Dress

While many residents of Second Life™ stray away from the idea of a black wedding dress, I believe in the beauty of it in the right setting. It's the start of Fall 2017, a great time to start warming up our attire and our hearts. Black adds a sense of classiness and a chic touch to those that are wanting to stand out on their special day. I ditch the Halloween or scary approach most tie in with the black dress. I went with more color, lots and lots of colors to brighten up the setting but still maintained the idea of a fall wedding.


The venue created for the bold and risky individuals will give a rich feeling to your guests and will surely stand out for years to come.

Ditch the myth about the black wedding dress.
Be bold, be classy and
Wishing you a forever
- Q

Fashionable Finds//
On Quincy//
Hair: Iliana by Little Bones
Dress: Costello Gown by David Heather at The Trunk Show
Bra: Luceat Arachne Bra by CerberusXing

Headpiece: Requiem by Lode, Melissa Fishnet by LaGyo
Necklaces: Crystal Bow Choker, Rose Choker by Yummy
Nailvanish: Black Metal by Alme
Bouquet: Requiem, Freesia by Lode

Makeup// - Catwa
Eyeshadow: Liquid Liner by Arte
Eyelash: Serein by Okkbye
Lipstick: Lotus Lipstick by Just Magnetized

On Terr//
Hair: Count Contessa by Homage 
Dress: Cage Skater Dress, Bra Top by Coco

Fur: Shoulder Cape by Coco
Headpiece: Costello by David Heather at The Trunk Show
Necklace and Earrings: Pearl Flower by Yummy

Makeup// - Catwa
Lipstick: Contemporary Soft Matte by Sintiklia

Decor Finds//
Structure: Old Manufactory by Apple Fall

In Reception//
Chandelier: Woodland dreams beaded chandelier by Dust Bunny
Chair: Lila Chair by MudHoney at The Trunk Show
Table: Antique by Apple Fall
Centerpiece: Woodland dreams head planter by Dust Bunny, Roses by Tarte

Thonet Chair by Nutmeg
Cloche by Fancy Decor
Gold Flower Vases by David Heather
Dido Wine Glass by Aria
Placesetting: Noir Minimalist by Shi

On Plates//
Vintage Flatware by Shi
Diy rose tea by Dust Bunny
Amsonia by Aria
Macaron chair by Anc

The Cake//
Summer Fete  Blueberry Cake by Tres Blah
Fig & Blackberry Cake by Apple Fall
Fall Harvest Cake by Apple Fall
Wild Sakura Wreath by Lode

Green Ash Tree by Little Branch on Marketplace
Magnolia Tree by Little Branch on Marketplace
Juniper Hedge by Apple Fall
Wild allium blush by Keke
Cherry Leaves Flying by Kalopsia
Beatrix Venus Statue by Kalopsia

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