A Glitter and Gem Halloween - Makeup with Quincy

A Glitter and Gem Halloween - Makeup with Quincy

Happy Halloween to the ghouls and goblins but mostly to the glitter and gems fanatics. In this post, I wanted to try something new with makeup for Halloween this year, by keeping things simple and yet glamorous. 

With these two looks: Glitter Unicorn and the Day of the Dead Gorgeous Lady. 

I hope you all enjoy this vlog post as much as I enjoyed creating it. I can not wait to see what creative outfits you all come up with!

Stay glamours in glitter and gems 
With much Love
- Q

Makeup Treats//

Glitter Unicorn:
Eyeshadow: Crying Glitter by Veechi
Lipstick: Velvet lip cream by WarPaint
Eyebrows: Hepburn by WarPaint
Lashes: Kara by Bossie
Extra (face attachments): Star sequins by Kotte

The Look//
Hair: Half Bun by Nylon Outfitters
Dress: Precious Dress by Mossu

Head Accessory - Gladiolus Wreath  by Lode
Unicorn Mask by HEXtraordinary

Day of the Dead Gorgeous Lady:
Eyeshadow/ Face Makeup: Dia de Muertos palette by Avenge
Lipstick: Aba lips by Studio Exposure
Eyebrows: Perfect Eyebrows by Just Magnetized
Lashes: Fluffy lashes by WarPaint
Extra (face attachments): Face Glitter by Chain

The Look//
Hair: Angie by Doux
Dress: Open Party Dress by Fashionably Dead

Head Accessory - Royalty Wreath by Lode
Angie Headpiece by L'Etre

Casually Autumn

Casually Autumn

Autumn is my favorite season. Beautifully colored trees with the tenderness of the soft cool air, always gives me a warm inner feeling.   

Quincy Robin - Spotted near a downtown cafe wearing soft colors that compliments the season. She matched her stylish outfit with tied up heels that were sure to turn the heads of every fashionista in town this evening while enjoying a small snack. 

Stay stylishly chic this autumn
With much Love
- Q

Fashionably Finds//
Hair: Bambi by Doux
Jumper: Hart Playsuit by Seul
Shoe: Rubiginosa by Empire at the Shiny Shabby event

Necklace: Abrianna by Kunst
Bag:  Gabby Bag by Ryvolter
Snack: Walnut by ChicChica
Nail Varnish: Glitter Reef Nails by Veechi

Eyeshadow:  Aba Eyes by Studio Exposure
Lipstick: Aba Lips by Studio Exposure

Another Sunrise Without You

Another Sunrise Without You

It's been a while of silence. The idea of you keeps racing through my mind - I wonder if you think about me like I do. Stare at my facebook page for updates like I do. Open my text on your phone and wait for those dots like I do. Suffer through these lonely hours like I do. Have the sound of my name echo through your room at night, trying to sleep at night like I do.
Have another sunrise without me as I do.

Dear Ex,
- Q

Fashionably Finds//
Hair: Free by Little Bones 
Top: Lace bralette by Ison
Shorts: Sporty Pants by Empire at Collabor88

Glass and Bottle: Lonely evening by ChicChica

Grapefruit Skybox by Onsu


7 Facts About Quincy Robin

7 Facts About Quincy Robin

Hey little Robins,  I took the time to do a challenge posted by Strawberry Singh to share with you seven unknown facts about myself. I hope this will be fun to watch as it was fun for me to record.


If anyone wants to join in on this challenge you can visit Strawberry's website and read more on #SecondLifeChallenge and how to get started. Be sure to take part and share with us seven facts about you. I can't wait to all the facts that you and others post.

Until the next post...
With much Love
- Q

Fashionably Finds//
Hair: Fabia by Little bones
Dress: Warm Sweater by Pixicat 
Shoes: Gretchen Suede Leather Heels by Murray

Necklace: Honey Bee Chain by Yummy
Rings: Nightmare Rings Set by Yummy
Pet: Pupper Parlor Silver Bow Held by Jian

Decor Finds//
Sofa: Chesterfield Sofa by Nutmeg
Pillow: Soft & Subtle Ruffled Pillow by The Loft
Lights: Reflector Light by Apple Fall, Ansley Chandelier by Pixel Mode
Florals: Olive Tree by Apple Fall, White rose vase and White rose pitcher by Dust Bunny, Zoete Flower Arragment by The Loft & Aria

Extras: Nirvana mind by Keke, Vintage frames by Dust Bunny, Paris Books by Bazar, Fashion Magazines by Fashionably Dead

Sexual Herbs

Sexual Herbs

A nightcap of sexual herbs to awaken the passion within. Sharing a cup of steamy rose tea that opens your senses with its aroma. Using some organic honey to sweeten and bites of chocolate that melts away any stress. Your taste buds will feel like no other.

Get lost in all the flavorful sweet treats Second Life™ creators has warmed up to fill our needs.
Have a cup or two, Don't forget to retouch your lipgloss.

With Much Love
- Q

Tea Pot: Enamel Teapot by Apple Fall
Pots and Pans: Copper Pan Stack by Apple Fall
Tea Cup: Woodland dreams fresh rose tea by Dust Bunny
Spoons: Choc Stained Spoons by Shi

Treats: Cacao Truffles Platter by Shi,  Autumn Preserves by Apple Fall, Autumn Vibes Can Blueberries by Lode

Florals: Storybook living fresh bouquet by Dust Bunny,  Dahlia by Lode, Pyracantha Berries in Glazed Pot by Apple Fall

Extra: Red Teacloth by Apple Fall, Vintage Bee Skep by Apple Fall, Compact by Foxcity, Catty Gloss by Reign, Villa Glasses by Mulloy x Patane

Trending with Quincy - A/W 17 Plaids

Trending with Quincy - A/W 17 Plaids

The plaid trend is defiantly one of my favorites for my autumn attire. This year the trend is huge and is growing more and more with each day. I wanted to shine some light on ways you can add bits and pieces of plaid into your autumn styling.

The Vlog Post//

T r e n d s

I really love the color of this dress it's also one of the trending colors of the season. I love mixing colors and couldn't resist this silk jacket that added much vibrancy of this outfit.

When in doubt always reach for the gray scales. I love how this dress fit and flowed with my mesh body. A must have this season!

A look for the chic weekenders! Mixing prints are not always easy to pull off, but I always recommend finding a common thread. These both worked perfectly together giving me the edge look I wanted.

Never forget to step right into the season with the fabulous shoes no matter the trend!

Stay stylishly trendy
With much Love
- Q

Fashionable finds//

Outfit 1//
Hair: Juniper by Doux
Dress: Unclean Dress by OverHigh
Jacket: Saint Jacket by Pseudo
Shoes: Tied Up Shoe Leather by Malena Von Dash

Necklace: Rae by Nova on Marketplace
Eyewear: Linea Glasses by Mulloy

Outfit 2//
Dress: Ruffle katie dress  by Ison 
Shoes: Stretch Thigh High Boots by Coco

Shirt: Marcia look-shirt on arm by M.Birdie
Necklace: Melanie necklace by Kibitz

Outfit 3//
Top: Blush Top by Pixicat
Pants: Xinyu Crepe Trousers by Rowne

Eyewear: Mastero Glasses by  Mulloy
Necklace: Daria by Ison
Bag: Soft leather handbag by Zenith
Extra: Coffee Tumbles by Besom

Outfit 4//
Skirt: Skater Skirt by Tres Blah 
Top: Racha Twist Front Top by Emery 
Jacket: Fake  Loetto Coat  by OverHigh
Shoes: Calla by Empire at Kustom9

Eyewear: Cato Glasses by  Mulloy
Extra: Lace garter by  Ison