Sexual Herbs

A nightcap of sexual herbs to awaken the passion within. Sharing a cup of steamy rose tea that opens your senses with its aroma. Using some organic honey to sweeten and bites of chocolate that melts away any stress. Your taste buds will feel like no other.

Get lost in all the flavorful sweet treats Second Life™ creators has warmed up to fill our needs.
Have a cup or two, Don't forget to retouch your lipgloss.

With Much Love
- Q

Tea Pot: Enamel Teapot by Apple Fall
Pots and Pans: Copper Pan Stack by Apple Fall
Tea Cup: Woodland dreams fresh rose tea by Dust Bunny
Spoons: Choc Stained Spoons by Shi

Treats: Cacao Truffles Platter by Shi,  Autumn Preserves by Apple Fall, Autumn Vibes Can Blueberries by Lode

Florals: Storybook living fresh bouquet by Dust Bunny,  Dahlia by Lode, Pyracantha Berries in Glazed Pot by Apple Fall

Extra: Red Teacloth by Apple Fall, Vintage Bee Skep by Apple Fall, Compact by Foxcity, Catty Gloss by Reign, Villa Glasses by Mulloy x Patane

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