A Day in December

December is the time of the year most of us reflect on how we spent our past months and days. We question ourselves, Did we meet all the goals we had set and were we as pleasant to those that surround our everyday. Finding the warmness in your heart to share another year, good or bad starts now. 

Be joyful, be at peace and enjoy this month of  December.

Decor Finds//

Home Structure: Hetton Barn Conversion by Apple Fall

Sofa Bed: Leather Loveseat by Merak at Collabor88
Blanket: Patchwork Rug by Apple Fall
Package: Lavender secret package by Nutmeg
Mug: Cocoa & cookies tray by Dust Bunny
Cookies: Tree cookies by Dust Bunny
Plate: Casolare Place Setting by The Loft

Ornaments: Hunt Gift  by Apple Fall
- The objective is to find and collect 10 hidden gold apples 
that are spread throughout the Apple Fall mainstore 
with your supplied hud that can be found at the store's entrance.
This hunt will take place from:
November 26th - December 24th, 2017.

Light Fixtures//
Entry Lantern by Fancy Decor
String lights by Dust Bunny
Winter 2017 by Keke //modified

Secret garden by Anc
White rose vase by Dust Bunny
Hibiscus Babybreath Wreath by Lode
Valarie Silverleaf Wreath by Tia

Birds: Forget. Swallow by Anc
Cat: Sleepy Bengal by Omen

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