Festival of Lights 2k17

Sharing in the season of lights. Chanukah, the festival of lights is a Jewish tradition that commemorates the defeat of the Greeks by a small group of Jewish rebel warriors call the Maccabees. After they won they relit the eternal light at their temple that was destroyed by the Greeks but only had enough oil for one night. It would have taken eight days to retrieve more oil to keep the enteral flame lit.  

To their surprise, the oil that was supposed to last one night, shined for eight nights.

Today we light eight candles and enjoy treats fried in oil to remember the miracle of the oil lasting eight days.

Happy Chanukah
With much love

Decor Finds//

Shelf:  Mercantile Bookshelf  by Apple Fall
Fence: Robin by Dust Bunny
Organ: Reed by Soy
Kippah: Kippah-Kippah-Yarmulke by RC- Cluster
Menorah: Menorah by Fancy Decor

Garden. oldbook by Anc
Storybook living . researcher's journal by Dust Bunny
Pile of Vinage books by Nutmeg

Cat: Licking by Thor
Moths: Moths to a flame by Keke

Woodland dreams . doughnut cake by Dust Bunny Modified with - Phlox in Jar by Lode

Hanging flower pot by Dust Bunny
Magen David: Modified with - Dark string lights by Hive, Philadelphus Vase by Lode
and Dark Purple Berries by Soy

Toy pieces: Dreidels - Rounded by Tool Shed (on Marketplace)
Gold coins: Captain Burbridge's Booty - Gold Coins by MadPea 
Paper toy: Paper plane by Anc

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