How to Holiday

It's the time of the year that we spend time picking and giving the appropriate gifts to our friends and family. We spin out of control trying to figure out what that individual may need or want.
Here are some tips I found to be of great help while giftting this season.


The Blogger/ Vlogger that has Everything!
1. If your friend is a blogger or vlogger and you are unsure what to get them because you may think they have "everything" well that may not be the case. Your friend may have tried to blog for a particular brand this year and may not have been accepted - a good gift of support is to get a gift card from the store they have a desire to blog for with encouragement to attempt to try again.

The Skin Addict
2. For those that change their skin constantly and love trying different tones. Try getting the opposite tone of what they currently have at one of their favorite stores, however, don't be offended if their skin changes once again in the New Year.

The Makeup Glamours
3. For those that are in love with makeup there are many choices of gift cards to get, However, I think purchasing a prepaid subscription of the Powder Pack is a great way to enjoy more of a variety but be sure of the brand of mesh head the gift receiver is wearing.

For the Adventurers
4. Travels/ Vacation is more meaningful to many residents in Second Life™ Renting a Vacation space for the family or a romantic hideaway for two is always a great choice of a gift. Make it even more special and add some of your own decorative touches to it to set the atmosphere for a true getaway. Be sure to coordinate with their schedule.

The Role Play Kids
5. The imagination is a big part of a child's growth. Creating that frame of mind with a themed playhouse that fits your child's personality is a wonderful gift to give this season. Let your friends and family know the theme of the playhouse so they too can participate in building a beautiful yet adventurous space for you and your child's role play.

I hope these tips help with some gift giving ideas this holiday
With Love
Fashionable Finds//
Hair: Hairplay - Front Blow by Tableau Vivant
Dress: Weapon Wool Dress by Addams

Rings: Winter Solstice Rings by Yummy
Book: Holiday Book by RC Cluster

Decor Finds//
Plants: Juniper Hedge - Seasonal by Apple Fall,  Wild snowdrops by Keke


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