Make a Wish at Midnight

The stillness of the night leaves me thankful for everyday life.
Cheers at the end hour for another starlight.
Don't be scared ... even the rats are still on this old night.
So until then, I wish you a happy new moonlight.

Make a wish at midnight
With Love 

Decor Finds//
Tub: Reka Bathtub by Nutmeg and RK Poses
Disco Balls: Double Disco by Pilot
Wreath: Scandinavian fir garland by Vespertine
Balloons: Confetti Balloon by Apple Fall

Light Fixtures// 
Lights: Ceiling Lamps by Faenzo and the Oak

Rats: Sister Of The Moon Rat by Osmia

Confetti by Anc
Tinsel line by Anc

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