Sweet Endings

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A Robin's Holiday delicious sweet treats for your sweet tooth. Another year is coming and there is always room for a sweet ending. Enjoy the holidays from us Robins to your households.

Stay Sweet
With Love
Decor Finds//

Backdrop: Shutter fence by Dust Bunny
Table: Bone Apple Tea by Onsu
Shelf: // Modified - cutting board and knives by Anhelo
Mugs and Teapot: Coffee pot & mugs by Revival
Scale: Neva's Antique Scales by Apple Fall
Nest: Robin nest by  Dust Bunny
Blow and Candles: // Modified - Nirvana candles by Keke, Nirvana incense bowl by Keke, Pine cones by Revival, Valarie Silverleaf Wreath by Tia,

Bags of Flour by Apple Fall, Brunch hanging apron by  Dust Bunny, // Modified - Ginevra kitchen mitts by Aria and Copper Leaf Mirror by Apple Fall  Carolyn's Festive String Lights by Granola,  // Modified -  Joanne Crystal Lamp by Apple Fall and Gingerbread ornaments by Dust Bunny

Blackberry Bundt Cake Apple Fall, Gingerbread ornaments and Homemade gingerbread hearts by  Dust Bunny, // Modified - Gingerbread Snowglobe by Sequel,  Gingerbread Cake by Apple Fall,  Silverblue Honey in Bottle by Lode

Evergreen Collection by Sayo, Valarie Silverleaf Wreath by Tia, Silverblue Honey Bowl by Lode, Silverblue Tree by Lode

Rockin' Robin by Apple Fall

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