With Confidence

I washed away my sins last night and looked, I paused a moment and looked,
I looked me in the mirror
Felt the pain of the past wasted time on my reflected aged skin
from the love-like stress
and said to myself ...

Never again,
Would this Queen 
Ever kiss another toad.
With Confidence

Decor Finds//
Sink: Victoria Washstand by Apple Fall
Mirror: Copper Leaf Mirror by Apple Fall
Mugs: Antique Baby Cups by Nutmeg

Bath Brushes in Milk Glass Jar by Apple Fall, Natural Sea Sponges in Cloche by Apple Fall, Handmade Soap by Nutmeg, Coral Lid Jar w/ Bath Bombs by Apple Fall, Mix lavender scented towels and Jars by Vespertine, Bathroom Lotions by Apple Fall

Art on mirror//
Wall memories by Keke

Wall Sconce by Nutmeg

Frogs: The Witching Hour - Witch's Familiar by MadPea
Wizarding Puertorican Toad // currently unavailable for purchase
Dragonflies: Even dragonflies dream by Keke

Sacred lotus by Keke

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