Little Flower Shed

Spring is here and the smell of fresh flowers fills the air. A new flower shop is in the neighborhood filled with flowers that were all grown with love. What a sweet little flower shed on the corner.


The smell of love on this spring day

Decor Finds//
Structure: Alveena Potting Shed by Apple Fall at Fameshed May 2018 round
Plants: Oxeye Daisy Patch, Olive Tree, Bay Leaf Topiary, by Apple Fall,
Natural habitat (2&3) by Dust Bunny, Spiderwort Bouquet by Lode
All modified with bucket of tulips by Revival
Pots: Square Lead Planter w/ Lion Head, Victorian Chimney Planter by Apple Fall, Vintage Tabletop Wreath Off-White by Nutmeg, Empty pots by Vespertine
Tables: Old Wooden Table, Rustic Industrial Table, Vintage Small Table by Nutmeg
Sink: Stone Basin by Nutmeg
Lights: Hanging cage by Brocante, Boho string lights, Shepherds hook boho lantern by Hive
Extras: Vintage road bike, My little garden leaf rake by Anhelo, Shitamachi Alley Garden Watering Pot, Soil bag & Scoop by Soy, Copper Shovel & Pitchfork,  Liberty Sketchbook, Varsity Bunting by Apple Fall, Postbox, Windmill wall decor by Brocante

Tree: DwarfForest by Alirium,  Privet Ball by Apple Fall
Dirt: Soil sheet by Anc
Fencing: Aged Wooden Fence by Dysfunctionality
Parisian cobbles and Sidewalk  by Milk Motion

Fashionable Finds//
Hair: Lungo by Navy and Copper
Dress: Roma Dress by Tres Blah

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