A request for a mellow day. Quincy is off the clock so hold all calls. 
Just a day of relaxing with Mr. Paws. 




There is no place better created than one for a mellow day.
Decor Finds//
Structure: Serendipity Retreat by Scarlet Creative
Sofa: Cale Sofa by MudHoney at 6 Republic (Full Set available)
Chairs: Velvet shell back , Cale Chair by MudHoney
Tables: Cale Ottoman, Cale Table by MudHoney, Roma Garden Stool by  Loft & Aria
Plants: Areca palm plant by Hive, Potted dragon tree, Cheese plant by Dust Bunny, Violette's Vases by Granola, Reaching Plant by Apple Fall x Cale Vase by MudHoney (Modified)
Light Fixture: Crystal chandelier by Keke
Art: Roma Mirror Black, Morgan Mirror by  Loft & Aria, Neptune Engraving, Thetis Engraving, B&W Art, Foskett Framed Textile by Fancy Decor, Cale Wall Decor by MudHoney
Rugs: Cale Rug by MudHoney, Wooden Rug by Loft & Aria
Pet: Ragdoll Cat Snoozing Chair Jian (Modified)
Extras: Books Arrangement, Crumpled Newspaper by Apple Fall, Marble Bear by MudHoney, Morgan Stone Candle by  Loft & Aria, Rattan Tote Carry, Sketches of you set, Memoirs Diaries set  by Nutmeg, Marcia look-hat by M. Birdie, Leather Handbag by Zenith, Storyteller's Burrow - Off the Hook by 8f8, Retro Flap Clock by Soy, Whiskey Glass by Zerkalo

Fashionable Finds//
Hair: Bambi II by Foxy at Kustom9
Top x Skirt: Vintage Sweater & Belted Mini by Ryvolter
Shoes: Mayflower by Empire

Eyewear: Farasha Glasses by Zoom

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