I really enjoyed putting together these warm tones. This set took on a life of its own. 
Each piece complements the other perfectly without overpowering each other.

Decor Finds//

Table: Dean Table by MudHoney Full set available at the N21 event Until June 11, 2018, 
The Loft  - Tennyson Sideboard by Loft & Aria
Chair: Dean Chair by MudHoney
Rug: Dean Rug by MudHoney
Light fixtures: Dean Lights by MudHoney, Claw Lamp by Fancy Decor
Drapes: Knotted Hanging Cloth by Soy
Plants: Distressed clay vase by Nutmeg x Silverleaf Glass Vase by Tia (Modified), Green plants with a coiled vase by Soy, Lily of the Valley by Lode x Kate's Bowl w/White Napkins by Nutmeg (Modified)
Arts:  Eye by Media City,  Roma Beaded Decor Dark by Loft & Aria
Books: Storybook living book by Dust Bunny, Paris - Books by Bazar, Books by Apple Fall
Extra: Neatly Folded Blankets by Half Deer, Porcelain Milk Pot, Plates and Spoons, Kate's Little Cups, Vintage Coffee Pot by NutmegNeva's Laundry Basket, Ceramic Chubby Squirrel, Red Teacloth by Apple Fall, Jug by Loft & Aria, Norton Vase, Wooden Box, Serpentine Candlestick by Fancy Decor


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