4018 Days

It's my Eleventh Rezday in Second Life! It is hard to believe that I have been a part of this community for so many years and look forward to the many more to come. Turning eleven means to me all the trials and errors, love lost and found, all the joy and heartaches, but most importantly the life lessons I have learned from, some of which I apply to my day to day real life.

This year marks one year since I took a risk and started my lifestyle blog and youtube channel. Something I was a bit too shy to do over the years. It has exposed me to so many different walks of life, some good and bad but none of which prevented me from following the path in which I set out on to achieve freedom of creative expression.

This year also marks one year of building strong standing relationships with friends and family. I am not one to have big lavish circles but those that are close to me I am utterly thankful for. I look forward to a lifetime on the grid with those I hold dear to my heart.

With all this said, Happy Rezday to me! And to those that have a pass or upcoming rezdays. Make every day an adventure and a new discovery. Be kind and ruthless. Smile and cry with each day of growth and love in Second Life.

With so much Love!

Decor Finds//
Dounts: Donut letters by Dust Bunny
Teacups: Elvira Rose Tea and Teacup Pearls by Apple Fall
Florals: Matthiola Bouquet, Hibiscus Babybreath Wreath, Hibiscus Babybreath Crown, Phlox in Jar (modified) by Lode
Bowls: Dough bowl and Unwhisked eggs by Hive
Extras: Silver forks and Silver spoons by Keke, Loose Heart String w/ Scissors by Apple Fall, Classic confetti by Vespertine


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