Finding a bit of peace in Second Life™ outside the real-life noise and from those that are projecting their emotions into this virtual world can sometimes be a task. Taking a moment to yourself also has a positive effect on your virtual day, but of course, it's also my time to play dress up. Today I wanted to relax my soul with a visual of innocence and vintage. I really adore my hairstyle by Navy and Cooper that set the tone to it all. Its soft side swoops and its loose bun is precious to me. With using the soft skin tone on my dress I was able to pair it with these platform shoes by Essenz. With straps that mirror soft/ light fabric, adds the delicate touches my mood desired.

What mood is your soul in today?

Fashionable Fins//
Hair: Cheesecake by Navy+Copper 
Dress: Rainy Day Dress by Fashionably Dead
Shoes: Cuzco by Essenz at the FaMeshed event until July 27th


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