Apple Fall x Dust Bunny - Decorate with Me

I am delighted to share with you my vlog post about decorating and after seeing these amazing collaboration between  Apple Fall and Dust Bunny,  I simply couldn't resist. Both collections can be found at their main stores which I was very pleased to see.

With these well-detailed pieces, I was able to create a relaxing pool area for myself and others to relax in.  Follow along as I used some of their collection to bring my vision alive.

There are so many lovely pieces to these collections that photo alone would not have done them justice.  I hope you enjoyed viewing as much as I enjoyed decorating.

Now its time for a cool drink near the poolside!
until next time with so much love 
Decor Finds//

Apple Fall Looking East Collection//
pieces used in the set more found at the main store

Pool: Quasi Nimes Pool
Sofa/Chairs: Lily Wicker
Cushions: Tudor Trellis, English Garden
Table: Rustic Cart Coffee Table
Food: Stone Crab Claws, Cheeseboard, Nectarines w/ Basket
Floral: Hydrangea Bunch
Extras: Brass Candlesticks, Ornamental Elephant, Stacked Books, 

Dust Bunny Dreamy Outing Collection//
pieces used in the set more found at the main store

Food: Potato chips, Croissant sandwiches, Cooler, Picnic basket 
Extras: Parasol, Net candle, Picnic blanket, Blanket basket, Pillow pile, Essentials bag

Additional Decorations//
Structures: Primavera in Toscana Manor, Courtyard Portal, and Courtyard Wall  by 8f8
Daybed: Boho summer daybed by llorisen
Hummock: Lace Woven Hummock by Soy
Table: Attwell Coffee Table by The Loft and Aria
Food: Coconut drink and Pineapple drink by Dust Bunny, 
Plants: Square Lead Planter w/ Lion Head by Apple Fall (mod with)  Cordyline tree by Hive, Potted tarzan tree by Hive
Lights: Winslow Weathered Chandelier by The Loft and Aria
Extras: Argentinian Malbec, Wine Glasses by Apple Fall, Orangerie Planter by Nomad, Winslow Decorative Floppy Hat, Callisto Decorative Sandals by The Loft and Aria, Stone Angel by Meadowworks on the marketplace, Storyteller's Burrow Book Story time by 8f8

Stone Path: Garden pebble pathway by Vespertine
Rocks by Fanatik
Flower bed: Oazo by Roiro
Trees: Fan Palm Tree, Banana Tree by Nomad, Swiss cheese plant, Palm tree by Hive, English Ivy by  Half-Deer, Aubretia by Heart,  Juniper Hedge by Apple Fall, Mediterranean Cypress, Boxwood Bush by Botanical

Fashionable Finds//
Hair: Hyewon by Monso
Dress: Tina dress by Ison

Earrings: Alexa Hoops by Vexiin
Necklace: The Hannah Heart Locket by Amala


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