Classic Romance

Creating this room that told a story about passion right out of a classic black and white romance movie --
The type a girl can only dream of. 

Apple Fall Anashara dining pieces was my inspiration for this setting alongside a painting I purchased to retexture the walls of the Onsu Walnut skybox.

Each piece was carefully selected to enhance the room, from their warm tones and rustic feel.

Anything that was once a dream can always be obtained.
with love 

Decor Finds:

Apple Fall Anashara Dining Chair for FaMESHed Go, Apple Fall Autumn Place Setting, Apple Fall Apples w/ Ornamental Stand modified with Apple Fall Reaching Plant, Apple Fall Pinecones and Hazelnuts, Apple Fall Bronze Leaf Apple Branches modified

Onsu Walnut Skybox modified

Apple Fall Antique Coffee Table,  Apple Fall Designer Hat Box, Apple Fall  Gilt Frame Portrait, Apple Fall China Cabinet,  Apple Fall Althea Rug Antique, Nomad Amore Chandelier, Nutmeg Vintage Tabletop Wreath Off-White, Nutmeg Brass Candlestick, Nutmeg Old Suitcases Green, Nutmeg Romanov's Golden Dresser, Nutmeg Antique Table Lamp, Dust bunny welcome mat home modified,  Dust bunny wanderlust upcycled typewriter, Dust bunny botanical tote,
Aria and The Loft Portico Bench Black, Half-Deer Neatly Folded Blankets, Fancy Decor Handel Portrait, Fancy Decor Model Ship, Vespertine parlour palm, Jian Barn Owl Table Perch,
Zerkalo Z-tease Staircase, Keke tea table 


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