Farewell Summer

Farewell sun kisses and cold glasses of lemonade.
I will not forget the days and hours we shared.
Joy and or sorrow, you will always have a place in my heart.
Farewell summer, for now.

Landscaping Grabs:
Apple Fall Hartley Fencing available at the FaMESHed event September 2018 round
Vespertine garden pebble pathway
Trees and plants: Apple Fall Privet Bal, Alirium ItchyGrass, Apple Fall Hydrangea Bunch,
Little Branch Weeping Honey Tree, Alirium Dwarf Forest, Little Branch Bradford,
Dust Bunny  hanging flower pot (modified)

Decor Finds:
Apple Fall Country Table
Tres Blah Spring Living Chair
Dust Bunny tabletop plants fiddle leaf branch
Nutmeg Cloth White
Nutmeg Plates with Vintage Spoons and Forks
Nutmeg Milker
Nutmeg Bike White and Stickers


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