Twinkle Twinkle

Star watching with friends can be a wonderful way to relax one's mind. I was inspired by the Lark Sleeping Bag by MudHoney to create a relaxing space. I dreamt up camping out and watching shooting stars with my friends, a perfect end to the summer and wonderful start to the fall. 

"There it is! a shooting star, make a wish..." 

Happy autumn to all my readers 
with love

Decor Finds:

MudHoney Lark Sleeping Bag available at the Ultra Event until October 10, 2018
MudHoney Lark Cooler, MudHoney Lark Tin Coffee Pot, MudHoney Lark Tin Cups

Omen Spring Daisies Truck, Apple Fall Cushions, Apple Fall Buttery Popcorn, Apple Fall Pine Cone Garland, Apple Fall Pyracantha Berries in Glazed Pot modified,  Half-Deer Blanket Clutter, Wednesday + Always Map,  Benjaminz Huter's Binoculars, Dust bunny Tabletop plants sword leaf, Dust bunny Tabletop plants Monstera leaves modified with Apple Fall Preserved Poppies, Dust bunny  Storybook living Researcher's journal, Dust bunny Woodland Dreams Macrame art, Soy Retro Electronic Heater,  Zerkalo My Boyfriend's Attic Flyswatter, Le Primitif Hanging Hat Boater, Hive dark boho string lights angled


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