With this set, I really wanted to capture the beauty of things left behind that was once our most cherished possessions. Nearing Holloween season its only fitting to recall those things that were abandoned. Shining light on the disregarded.
Left behind but not forgotten.
Remember me as I remember you, once loved, once hurt.
hunted by the memories of being abandon. 
Happy Halloween 

Decor Finds:
Minimal Insomnia Bathroom available at the Arcade Gacha event
Minimal Insomnia Chandelier, Minimal-Insomnia Radio

Zaara Vintage frames, Fancy Decor Classic Chandelier, Dust bunny wiccan artistry  dried flowers modified, Studio Skye Wild Grass, Disorderly Forgotten Suitcase Heads, and Chair Pile,
Remarkable Oblivion Spook Show  Bess Dress Mannequin, Gail Veil Mannequin, and Freida Freak Mannequin


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