St. Valentine's Day Outfits x Giveaway

Hey Love,

St. Valentine's day is here again. With each year more people are shying away from the famous red fabrics worn on this special day.
I put together four outfits that are perfect for your Valentine's day dates or just socializing out on the gird.

Join in on the socializing fun and enter to win a chance for you and a guest to take part in an interactive wine tasting class at Havana. 
The details on how to join are announced in this recording above. 
Winners will be announced on Wednesday 13, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day

The Looks
Intro and Exit
Hair: Monso Hyerin
Top: Osmia Nora Blouse
Jeans: Osmia Nora Skinny Jeans

Look 1
Hair: Lamb Garden
Dress: Fashionably Dead Daydreamer Dress Sheer
Underwear: Blueberry Tinker Set
Shoes: Essenz Italy

Necklace: E.marie Luna Necklace
Bag: Zenith Rattan column bag

Makeup - Genus
Eyeshadow: itGirls Drip Drip Eyeshadows
Lipstick: Poise Bombshell Lipstick

Look 2
Hair: Sintiklia Lake
Blazer: Coco Jacket Over Shoulders
Dress: Tres Blah Halter Dress
Shoes: Gos Cupid Pumps

Earrings: Kibitz Heart pearly diamonds

Makeup - Genus
Eyeshadow: Veechi Golden Enchanted Shadow
Lipstick: Aurealis Beauty Lumiere Gloss

Look 3
Hair: Stealthic Fleeting
Dress: Ison velvet crush dress
Shoes: Ryvolter Selena Crystal Heels

Necklace: November Caged Corazon
Bag: Mowie Lase Mini Bag

Makeup - Genus
Eyeshadow: Veechi Sunset Pulse Shadow
Lipstick: Poise Bombshell Lipstick

Look 4
Hair: Navy and Copper Ivy
Top: Coco Off Shoulder Crop Top
Pants: Pixicat Classy Pants
Shoes: Essenz San Diego

Necklace: Kibitz So loving necklace
Bag: Mowie Lexa Bag

Makeup - Genus
Eyeshadow: Aurealis Beauty Noir Eyeshadow
Lipstick: Poise Bombshell Lipstick

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