Bonjour Vegan Fresh

Bonjour Vegan Fresh

Tony was really relieved as he received the notice of his final shipment of mushrooms for tonights dinner and grant opening of Bonjour Vegan Fresh.

My firm has been working with Tony on capturing his vision on a rustic yet modernize space for healthy eating,  A home away from home.

 He asked for light spring pastel colors with strong dark tones to make it welcoming to all.
We were pleased to assist with bringing his vision to life. There is always room for another classy healthy dining space in the city.

Tonight's menu is filled with plant base delights that I can't wait to try. Seeing a project to its end is always rewarding.

Fashionable Finds
Hair: Navy and Copper Ava available at the Femeshed event
Dress: Ison mandy over bra suit
Fur: Plastix Starlet Boa
Shoes: Essenz Yucatan available at the Femeshed event

Decor Finds
West Village Maynard Paneling, West Village Winston Bentwood Chair, West Village Odessa Mid-Height Bookcase, West Village Wicker Basket, West Village Pears in Vintage Trug, Apple Fall Original: Spring Has Sprung, West Village Cotton Tote, West Village Seeded Bread & Tomatoes, West Village Spring Tulips, West Village Rice Milk w/ Carrier, West Village Francis Dining Table, available at the Belle event

West Village Heart Eucalyptus Spray
West Village Ginkgo Branches
West Village Live Basil w/ Terracotta Pot, available at the N21 event

Apple Fall Wine Glasses
Apple Fall Scented Candle
MudHoney Dean Light 
Dust Bunny  farmers market carrots,  artichokes, leeks
Dust Bunny  autumns calling wine bottle
Dust Bunny sweet dreams fiddle leaf tree
Floorplan bonjour wire
Mithral Industrial Wall Lamp 
Half Deer  Kitchenware 
Haikei Love can be so


Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself

My week started a bit rough. I needed a moment to relax my mind and what better way for a girl to heal her superficial wounds other than to treat herself to a little shopping.

I left the office a little earlier than usual and ventured around the many fashion boutiques in midtown.
Hello Gorgeous; the neon sign beamed at me when I entered a tiny, city chic store.

 It was filled wall to wall with everything my heart desired and more, perfect for my soul healing.
I found the cutest of pair designer heels by Essenz which I tried on in one of my favorite colors and was sold!

The accessories collection was even more impressive. I  purchased a few to add to my own personal collection.

What I loved most about this tiny store, was the scent of Vespertine roses that filled the space. It was surely a reminder that spring is here. I will be shopping here again!

Fashionable Finds
Hair: Stealthic Dawn
Top and Pants: Miss Chelsea Elin available at the Uber event March 2019 round 
Heels: Essenz Medan 

Earring: Vexiin Diamond Studs
Necklace: Vexiin Myth Necklace 12inch 

Decor Finds
Vespertine spring rose arrangement available at the Belle event
Essenz Palermo, Medan, Belem heels
Leijin  Fixture MC Modern Rouxswood Table
Rama Hello Gorgeous Neon Wall Panel
Colivati Boutique  Shady Receipt
Ionic Cosmia Golden Rings, Glasses Display, Design Necklaces, Luna Earrings Collection, Luna Wrapped Earrings


Corner Pocket

Corner Pocket

Yesterday after another long day at the office,  some of us agreed to meet up at Cindy's; the pool hall and bar that recently opened on the corner of 6th and 7th avenue.

My last client for the day was not too far from my condo, so I figured that I can go home and freshen up before meeting up with my co-workers at the hall.  I grab the cutest one sleeve top from cosmic dust that I had been eyeing for some time now out of my closet along with my foxy hat to match.

I hadn't had much time to explore the city as much as I would like to, but this weekend I will be sure to venture outdoors, but for now, my goal is to win a pool match or two!


Fashionable Finds
Hair: Foxy Sanya available at the Collabor88 event
Top: Cosmic Dust  Runa Top available at the Belle event
Pants: Ison Wendy high waisted pants

Necklace: Mandala Chunky Chain
Watch: Vexiin The Chelsea


Equal10 March 2019 Haul - Try on and Home Decor

Equal10 March 2019 Haul - Try on and Home Decor

 I  had a day off from Second Life work and really wanted to update my YouTube channel subscribers with some of the goodies I got at the Equal10 March 2019 round.

I headed over to my studio and spent the good part of my day trying on and decorating a small set.
There is so much this event offers and so many things that work with my style and taste.

Come try-on and decorate with the new and fresh products from Equal10 with me.

The decor sections of this event were yet to be disappointing. I was able to decorate a small set with the creations I found!

I hope you guys enjoyed the video as much as I enjoyed creating it. 
Until next time 

Available at the March 2019 round of

Fashionable Finds
Entwined Blythe

Evie Fanny Spring
Osmia Francesca Leather Set (Top and or Dress)
Miwas Emily Shirt and Leather Pants
Rama Fitspo Underwear
Ersch Bona Dress
Spectacledchic Dova Jacket and Satin Strap Dress

Seven Falkor Set (Necklace and Choker)

Decor Finds
Black Bantam Sleeping Corgi
Mithral Peace Lilly Industrial Plant Bench and Stand
Shades Notting Hill Love Seat


Window View of The City

Window View of The City

I have been working on Mr. Vine's condominium for months now, and it's finally done! He wasn't very picky when it came to the color scheme but knew exactly what he wanted. I love when I work with clients like this, it makes my job so much easier.

My client expressed to me that he was recently divorced from his partner Jeff and wanted a sleek modern space to start a new chapter in his life for him and his "baby" cupcake which he won full custody of in the settlement of his divorce. We agreed on black, gold, and caramel tones.

 I was in luck when Fancy Decor released their Bradley collection, which was my main focus and really set the stage for the other elements used in the space.

I figured I would stop by and make sure everything was in place before turning over the keys to Mr. Vine tomorrow. He should be arriving back to the city from his vacation in Palm Beach, and I had not seen the condo in its finish state.

I took some of my favorite wine from the Apple Fall winery over with me to enjoy a drink or two while admiring the condo's window view of the city. It was really delightful to see my handiwork in all its glory.

To my surprise, I was not alone...
Out came Cupcake. I guess the dog sitter left for the night. She was just the cutest little thing! I wanted to just eat her up. It started to make more sense why Mr. Vine chose to name her Cupcake. As much as I wanted to take her home with me I know my cat, Magic won't be happy about this at all.

She followed me around while I made sure everything looked right for her owner's arrival.
She even brought me her toy ball. I think she likes me! It was the cutest and yet successful evening I have had in a while.


Decor Finds
Fancy Decor Bradley Collection Available at the Uber Event February- March Round
Chaise, Throw Pillow, Magazine, Canvas, Coffee Table, Side Table, Floor Lamp, Sconce, Sculpture, Wine Glass and  Rug

Fancy Decor Jansen Drapes, Prescott Side Table
Apple Fall Cushion, Argentinian Malbec, Design Books
Loft and Aria Juniper Vase, Morgan Stone Candle, Hedvig Wall Panel, Ashcroft Decorative Metal Horn, Callisto Standing Kiwi, Morgan Mirror, Hamil Potted Fiddle Leaf Fig
Soy Three legged chair
Keke Sphere chandelier
Zenith Soft leather handbag
Glam Affair Home Plant

Fashionable Finds
Hair: Doux Rosie
Suit: Seul Blair Blazer Dress
ShoesToksik Chained Boots

Necklace: Seven Hadley Necklace
Earring: Yummy Pave Heart Earring

(AKA Cupcake):
Black Bantam Love Struck Long Haired Chihuahua
Rezz Room Dog Toy


Business as Usual

Business as Usual

Made it back to my life in the city after having a blast on my vacation to Trinidad. Carnival was amazing! The people, music, and food were the highlights of my trip.
 It's time for me to get back to a normal yet exciting life in the city.

See you around town loves

The Look 
Hair: Lamb Stellar
Top: Seul Tucked Trucker
Skirt: Seul Ava Leather Mini

Necklace: Eclat Rhinestone Choker
Glasses: Rhude Kissed Glasses


Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

Hey Robins, 

It's a new day and a chance to do things differently. Getting myself back on track to explore this world again. I am always very hard on myself when trying new things but never too afraid to start.
There is so much you can do in Second Life™ that is positive and overall fun, so don't let yesterday hold you back from venturing outside of your comfort zone today. 

With Love,

The Look
Hair: Navy and Copper Eva 
Dress: Salt and Pepper Samantha

Eyewear: `M.Birdie Beach glow and you sunglasses
Earring: LaGyo Midnight Runaway Earrings


At 5pm

At 5pm

Hey Robins,
Took the time today to catch with a dear friend at 5pm in the city at a wonderful rooftop restaurant. It was nicely decorated with one of the recent releases from Fancy Decor which I adore. I love anything that has to do with food but this set was too adorable to pass by. 

A bit of sunshine and food.

The Look
Hair: Lamb Peachy
Blazer: Pseudo Minthe Blazer
Dress: Vive Nine Silky Satin Mini

Necklace: Vibing Juliet Necklace
Eyewear: Yummy Glitz Shades 

The Decor
Fancy Decor Couperin available at the Collabor88 event
Chair, Table, Rug, Bottle and Glass, Plate A and B, Fondue set, Bread Bowl, Skewers
Fancy Decor Davis Planter

Apple Fall Wine Glasses, 1st Day of Christmas Coffee Maker and Cup, Spring Parasol,  Juniper Hedge

Dust Bunny Strawberry salad, Pilea peper plant

Keke My funny valentine, Ideza The bill please, 
Shi Napkin Cutlery, Nutmeg Cloth White, David Heather Dolce Purse, Aso Rose Bouquet, Floorplan curved stringHomesSL//