At 5pm

Hey Robins,
Took the time today to catch with a dear friend at 5pm in the city at a wonderful rooftop restaurant. It was nicely decorated with one of the recent releases from Fancy Decor which I adore. I love anything that has to do with food but this set was too adorable to pass by. 

A bit of sunshine and food.

The Look
Hair: Lamb Peachy
Blazer: Pseudo Minthe Blazer
Dress: Vive Nine Silky Satin Mini

Necklace: Vibing Juliet Necklace
Eyewear: Yummy Glitz Shades 

The Decor
Fancy Decor Couperin available at the Collabor88 event
Chair, Table, Rug, Bottle and Glass, Plate A and B, Fondue set, Bread Bowl, Skewers
Fancy Decor Davis Planter

Apple Fall Wine Glasses, 1st Day of Christmas Coffee Maker and Cup, Spring Parasol,  Juniper Hedge

Dust Bunny Strawberry salad, Pilea peper plant

Keke My funny valentine, Ideza The bill please, 
Shi Napkin Cutlery, Nutmeg Cloth White, David Heather Dolce Purse, Aso Rose Bouquet, Floorplan curved stringHomesSL//

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