Window View of The City

I have been working on Mr. Vine's condominium for months now, and it's finally done! He wasn't very picky when it came to the color scheme but knew exactly what he wanted. I love when I work with clients like this, it makes my job so much easier.

My client expressed to me that he was recently divorced from his partner Jeff and wanted a sleek modern space to start a new chapter in his life for him and his "baby" cupcake which he won full custody of in the settlement of his divorce. We agreed on black, gold, and caramel tones.

 I was in luck when Fancy Decor released their Bradley collection, which was my main focus and really set the stage for the other elements used in the space.

I figured I would stop by and make sure everything was in place before turning over the keys to Mr. Vine tomorrow. He should be arriving back to the city from his vacation in Palm Beach, and I had not seen the condo in its finish state.

I took some of my favorite wine from the Apple Fall winery over with me to enjoy a drink or two while admiring the condo's window view of the city. It was really delightful to see my handiwork in all its glory.

To my surprise, I was not alone...
Out came Cupcake. I guess the dog sitter left for the night. She was just the cutest little thing! I wanted to just eat her up. It started to make more sense why Mr. Vine chose to name her Cupcake. As much as I wanted to take her home with me I know my cat, Magic won't be happy about this at all.

She followed me around while I made sure everything looked right for her owner's arrival.
She even brought me her toy ball. I think she likes me! It was the cutest and yet successful evening I have had in a while.


Decor Finds
Fancy Decor Bradley Collection Available at the Uber Event February- March Round
Chaise, Throw Pillow, Magazine, Canvas, Coffee Table, Side Table, Floor Lamp, Sconce, Sculpture, Wine Glass and  Rug

Fancy Decor Jansen Drapes, Prescott Side Table
Apple Fall Cushion, Argentinian Malbec, Design Books
Loft and Aria Juniper Vase, Morgan Stone Candle, Hedvig Wall Panel, Ashcroft Decorative Metal Horn, Callisto Standing Kiwi, Morgan Mirror, Hamil Potted Fiddle Leaf Fig
Soy Three legged chair
Keke Sphere chandelier
Zenith Soft leather handbag
Glam Affair Home Plant

Fashionable Finds
Hair: Doux Rosie
Suit: Seul Blair Blazer Dress
ShoesToksik Chained Boots

Necklace: Seven Hadley Necklace
Earring: Yummy Pave Heart Earring

(AKA Cupcake):
Black Bantam Love Struck Long Haired Chihuahua
Rezz Room Dog Toy


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