Sundry and Unpin

Sundry and Unpin

Unpinning the clothing from the washing line.  I love the smell of clean linens in the air, it smelt magical just like my favorite guy.

After I found Magic hiding behind my jeans, I took him inside for a treat.

It was a great day to sundry 
until tomorrow, 

Fashionable Finds
Hair: Foxy Blossom available at the Equal10 Event
Outfit: Mon Cheri Kylie Top and Skirt available at the Uber event 

Necklace: Amala The Cara


To do List, Selfie

To do List, Selfie

I took the day off from the office madness to catch up on some errands.
Running around the city, making sure I have gotten all I need before heading back indoors.

To do list
Cat food, check...
Detergent, check...
My babies apple juice, check...
Sitting on a hot car and takes a selfie, CHECK!...

/me Runs off before the owner of the car spots me

until next time!

Fashionable Finds
Hair: Navy and Copper Zara available at the Belle Event
Top: Cosmic Dust Aria Top available at the Uber event
Bottoms: Osmia Ashley Boyfriend Jeans
Shoes: Essenz Moldavia available at the Uber event unt May 22, 2019

Eyewear: Aurealis Wanderer Shades
Earrings: Aurealis Trader Earring


Mix and Match Equal10 April 2019

Mix and Match Equal10 April 2019

 Equal10 is back with another round of goodies for the trendsetters and homemakers of Second Life™

In this video, I showcase seven, ready for spring and summer outfits and home goods that would spice up any corner.

Join me as we mix and match products found at Equal10 April 2019.

Embrace the spring and summer with me 
until next time, with love

Fashionable Finds
Hair: Rama  Janice hair Add-on Base Hair available at the Equal10 Event,
modified with booN Cor.010 hair pieces

Outfit 1
Dress: Osmia Zara Dress available at the Equal10 Event
Coco StrawHat

Outfit 2
Top and Skirt: Miwas Rocket available at the Equal10 Event
Shoes: Miwas Rocket Boots available at the Equal10 Event
Vexiin Diamond Stud
Seul Neo Shades

Outfit 3
Top: Addams Marlene Untied Tie Up Shirt
Shorts: Evie Adrenaline Shorts available at the Equal10 Event
Shoes: Essenz Hermosillo available at the Black Fair Event until May 4, 2019
Random Matter  Kashina Collar
Random Matter Kashina Heart Necklace

Outfit 4
Dress: Seul Jacqui Gathered Dress available at the Equal10 Event
Shoes: Vive Nine Sapphire Gold Mules
Seven Holy Stacked Necklaces
Osmia Neck Scarf
Vexiin Diamond Stud

Outfit 5
Dress: Boys to the bone angest dress  available at the Equal10 Event
Shoes: Vale Koer Comfort Heels
Aurealis Jewellery Atlantis Earring

Outfit 6
DressErsch Melanie Dress available at the Equal10 Event
Shoes: Essenz Andalusia available at the Spring Flair Event until April 26, 2019
Mandala Cheerful Earring
Amala The Hannah Heart Locket

Outfit 7
Top: Rama Insta Queen Fur top available at the Equal10 Event
Skirt: Tres Blah Pleated Skirt
Shoes: Essenz Belem
Seven Sigma Earrings available at the Equal10 Event
Amala The Hannah Heart Locket

Structure: ionic Dream of Stars available at the Equal10 Event
ionic Antique trunk

Fancy Decor Capo Console, Capo Vases, Capo Vases B, Capo Figure Drawings, Capo Figure Drawings B, Capo Stacked Boxes, Capo Candle Holder, Capo Magazine Stack B. Available at the Collabor88 event
Fancy Decor Leaning Mirror

Apple Fall West Village Spring Tulips, Apple Fall Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace, Apple Fall Hanging Wicker Basket, Apple Fall Brass Candlesticks
Architect Folkston Chair available at the Equal10 Event
The Loft Candle Sconce, The Loft Passion Flower
Hive potted plants  gold dust dracaenas, Hive tobacco basket
Nutmeg Disarray Old Jar Plant, Nutmeg Romanov's Weathered Garden Door
Dust Bunny tabletop plants fiddle leaf branch, Dust Bunny wiccan artistry moon candle


Attic Dreams

Attic Dreams

Susan contacted my firm earlier this year and her contract landed on my desk. 

Her request was to turn the small corners of her attic into a cozy space for her daughter Sharie; who will be visiting for summer break from college. 

Susan wanted the space to reflect Sharie's studies in Natural History as well as a soft touch of a young adult, after all, Susan still calls her little baby.

Using the color scheme of natural woods and whites, I was able to turn Susan's attic into a cloud full of dreams for her future Naturalist.

Sleeping on clouds will make your dreams come true.

On to the next project.

Decor Finds
Onsu Lakeville House
Kalopsia Serene's Cali King Bed  available at the Collabor88 event,
Succulents for shelf
Apple Fall West Village Magnolia Arrangement, Liberty Sketchbook
MudHoney Calla Sunburst Mirror

Dust Bunny Sweet dreams Morning tray, Alarm clock, Curtains
String lights, Hanging plants Spider planter
Floorplan pinboard botanical, botanical chart
Keke Clipped papers notes to self, Clipped print floral, Tea lights
Foxwood Delilah Pom Lights
Loft & Aria Ingram chandelier


Laundry Day

Laundry Day

It's my laundry day, time to get my closet back in order. I cleared out my baskets at home and headed for the closest laundromat near me, making a stop at the coffee shop along the way.

After loading all my clothing into the washer and then the dry and finally sat down and reflecting on the past week and planning my week ahead. 

The firm has added more clients to my calendar. Some of which are small spring events that I can't
wait to get my hands on. 

"Ding," the dry goes off and breaks my daydream, time to get to folding.

Fashionable Finds
Hair: Foxy Peach Hair
Blazer: Coco Spring Blazer
Bodysuit: Rebel Gal Nitro Suit
Shoes: Vale Koer Champions Sneakers

Earrings: Aurealis Jewellery Haro Earrings
Necklace: Seven Perfect Pendant
Eyewear: Cake Dolly Shades

Decor Finds
Second Spaces Retro Laundry wash and dry wallmounted , rolling cart and rack
Oyasumi laundry bench, Taikou detergent supply, Vespertine iced latte.