Attic Dreams

Susan contacted my firm earlier this year and her contract landed on my desk. 

Her request was to turn the small corners of her attic into a cozy space for her daughter Sharie; who will be visiting for summer break from college. 

Susan wanted the space to reflect Sharie's studies in Natural History as well as a soft touch of a young adult, after all, Susan still calls her little baby.

Using the color scheme of natural woods and whites, I was able to turn Susan's attic into a cloud full of dreams for her future Naturalist.

Sleeping on clouds will make your dreams come true.

On to the next project.

Decor Finds
Onsu Lakeville House
Kalopsia Serene's Cali King Bed  available at the Collabor88 event,
Succulents for shelf
Apple Fall West Village Magnolia Arrangement, Liberty Sketchbook
MudHoney Calla Sunburst Mirror

Dust Bunny Sweet dreams Morning tray, Alarm clock, Curtains
String lights, Hanging plants Spider planter
Floorplan pinboard botanical, botanical chart
Keke Clipped papers notes to self, Clipped print floral, Tea lights
Foxwood Delilah Pom Lights
Loft & Aria Ingram chandelier


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