Laundry Day

It's my laundry day, time to get my closet back in order. I cleared out my baskets at home and headed for the closest laundromat near me, making a stop at the coffee shop along the way.

After loading all my clothing into the washer and then the dry and finally sat down and reflecting on the past week and planning my week ahead. 

The firm has added more clients to my calendar. Some of which are small spring events that I can't
wait to get my hands on. 

"Ding," the dry goes off and breaks my daydream, time to get to folding.

Fashionable Finds
Hair: Foxy Peach Hair
Blazer: Coco Spring Blazer
Bodysuit: Rebel Gal Nitro Suit
Shoes: Vale Koer Champions Sneakers

Earrings: Aurealis Jewellery Haro Earrings
Necklace: Seven Perfect Pendant
Eyewear: Cake Dolly Shades

Decor Finds
Second Spaces Retro Laundry wash and dry wallmounted , rolling cart and rack
Oyasumi laundry bench, Taikou detergent supply, Vespertine iced latte.


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