To do List, Selfie

I took the day off from the office madness to catch up on some errands.
Running around the city, making sure I have gotten all I need before heading back indoors.

To do list
Cat food, check...
Detergent, check...
My babies apple juice, check...
Sitting on a hot car and takes a selfie, CHECK!...

/me Runs off before the owner of the car spots me

until next time!

Fashionable Finds
Hair: Navy and Copper Zara available at the Belle Event
Top: Cosmic Dust Aria Top available at the Uber event
Bottoms: Osmia Ashley Boyfriend Jeans
Shoes: Essenz Moldavia available at the Uber event unt May 22, 2019

Eyewear: Aurealis Wanderer Shades
Earrings: Aurealis Trader Earring


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