Water and Sunshine

The best place for an earthy soul like mine is in a garden where I feel most alive and reminded of the simple things in life that we commonly overlook.

As they bloom left and right I would take with me this peacefulness of knowing everything takes time to bloom, just be rooted and the water and sunshine would come.

Time to head back to my life in the city.
see you soon, 

Fashionable Finds
Hair: Navy and Copper Phoebe available at the Belle event
Top: Cosmic Dust Carminucci Lace Top
Kimono: Miss chelsea Jini Kimono
Pants: Pixicat SamWide Pants

Earring: Amala The Cara Earrings
Necklace: Amala The Cara Necklace
Nails: Ascendant Pride Week

Decor Finds
Pewpew! Garden Greenhouse, Keke watering can

Hive  kentia palm plant,  bird of paradise plant, oversized alocasia plant, potted fan palm plant,
areca palm plant
Dust bunny hanging plants ivy planter,  hanging plants spider planter
Plaaka Rattan Basket Planter Dracaena Concinna, Sansevieria, Angiopteris Lygodiifolia, Ficus Altissima


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