Developing Skills

When I am not decorating I love working on my photography skills. 
Spending some time in my darkroom developing more images for my feeds.

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing your work come to life.

Find something you love and work hard to master it.
with love,

Fashionable Finds
Hair: Foxy Ina 
Top: Seul Chelsea Satin Bra 
Pants: Miss Chelsea Zora Leggings available at the Anthem event until June 30th

Eyewear: Sorgo Atom Shades available at the Anthem event until June 30th

Decor Finds
Structure: Anxiety anemoia loft available at the Anthem event until June 30th
Fancy Decor Darkroom available at  The Arcade June 2019String of Photos, Trays, Utility Table, Utility Sink, Film Enlarger, Photo Rack, Red Light, Tongs Holder


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