Remodeling a Tiny House in Second Life - Decorate with Me

Hey Robins,
Have you ever wanted a tiny home on wheels in Second Life™? I have been admiring them for some time in real life and was thrilled to come across a few in Second Life™

This tiny house needed a bit of love and care. In today's video, we will be remodeling key areas of the house. 

Hangout with me while we transform this tiny house into a tiny home!

Building a home take a lot of time and effort. The real reward is seeing it through.

Take the risk and create a tiny space for you and your loved ones.

With so much love my "tiny" Robins
Until next time,

Fashionable Finds
Hair: Navy and Copper Scarlett available at the FaMeshed event
Top: Miss Chelsea Faya top
Skirt: Pixicat Bohemian Skirt
Shoes: Tetra Sophia Heels


Ideza Tiny House

Fancy Decor Harper Sofa, Decanter, Table, Candle, Floor Lamp,  Artwork 
available at the FaMeshed event

MudHoney Finley Books, Mail, Keys,  Phone, Candle, Console Table, Mirror, Frames, Votive, Chapstick, Notepad
available at the Arcade event until June 30, 2019

Apple Fall West Village Eleanora Drawer Chest, West Village Eleanora Bedside Table, Daffodils Jug, Ceramic Bowls, Tea Tins and Tea Books, Cushion, Milton Curtains, Times Newspaper, Elvira Rose Tea, West Village Abby Candle,
Fancy Decor Crane Orchid, Glass Lamp, Crane Orchid, Ruben Chair, Crane Console, Crane Sink, Tartt Lounger, Foskett Light,  Jones Armchair, Burin Window Shutters
MudHoney Classic Wall Panel
Dust Bunny Pilea peper plant, Kitchen clutter utensil pitcher, Kitchen clutter dish drying rack, Kitchen clutter spice rack, Sweet dreams lamp, Wool zag rug, Hoya plant,
Con and Dust Bunny Gracie Living Room Pillow Stack
Haikel Love can be so, Catch My Love
Hive hanging pot rack, Modular lounge seating, Macrame hanging plant
Ariskea Cottage sign and keys, Expresionist painting, Vintage Lantern, Botanica Wood table, Kuva Round Macrame Rug
Granola Eggs, Basket of Tomatoes, Basket of Avocados
Soy Powpon Pouf, The Kitchen, Gas Burner
The Loft and Aria Round Wire Chair, Attwell Pergola, Shirvan Chandelier
Blue Sky Wine Bottle
What Next Richmond Mailbox
LAQ Decor Toilet
Nutmeg Hand made Soap
Vespertine Garden herbs
Pewpew Plate with Thym Herbs modified with Dust Bunny Autumns calling plate setting
Ariskea Dairy Sage Container modified with Dust Bunny Quirky planters owl planter
Fancy Decor Hurricane Sconce modified with Soy Narcissus Suisen Ichirin Zashi
Soy Stepping Tiles modified with Merak Elegant Shower Cabinet
Soy Vintage Metal Headboard modified with Dust Bunny Sweet dreams wingback bed


Apple Fall Whitehall Pathway
Alirium ItchyGrass
Botanical T2C Linden
Little Branch ElmShrub, Hibiscus Shrub, Bouton d'or Lavender, GreenAsh, MysticOak, CherryTree


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