Quincy J. Robin // (Queenmadonna Babii)

I am a resident of Second Life ™  since 2007. Stumbling onto Second Life™ after many years of enjoying the virtual world of IMVU. I found Second Life™ to be a challenge with its ever so growing and changing platform. I too grew over time,  enjoying the era of runway fashion shows and the trends that came along with them and watched as the growth of blogging took the internet by storm.

I spent my days online creating prim base homes, learning the ins and outs of Linden Lab language of scripting, and enjoying the company of friends as we explore Second Life™ to no ends.

It fascinated me as to how one person can Log into this platform and create a world of their own.
Which makes me excited to share a bit of my exploring, fashionable finds, and or just having a heart to heart discussion of life within Second Life™.

With the encouragement and support of my friends and family; I am pleased to present my visually creative side in the form of blogging and vlogging.

Second Life Lifestyle Channel //

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I am a woman that loves life and the adventures that comes with it. Join me on my journey of the almost realistic lifestyle discoveries through videography and photography. Filled with fashion, decor, and an everyday way of living role-play. Touch on topics close to my heart and how it may affect us in the community of Second Life™ and most importantly, don't forget to subscribe.